Normal Effect
When equipped on Divine Servant, Increases NP damage by 15%.
Max Limit Break Effect
When equipped on Divine Servant, Increases NP damage by 25%.


Description Translation🛈

唱える文、教典の言語、主義・教義が違おうと、 救いと光を求める人の心は等しく、 それに応えし真なる神がどこかにおわすはず。

「と考え、巡りに巡ってはや二十年。  もはや万策尽きた臥藤門司は心機一転、  単身でのヒマラヤ登頂などしてみるのであった!」

NA Localization: God is omnipresent on this world.

No matter how different in their prayers, or the languages of their scriptures, or their precepts and teachings, all humans are equal in that they seek the light and salvation. And somewhere, there must exist a true god who will answer that call.

"Yet, twenty years have already passed. For a moment Gatou Monji gets fed up, but then turns a new leaf by attempting to climb the Himalayas alone!"

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