This Craft Essence can be obtained by bringing Saitō Hajime's Bond Level to 10. It comes at max level with all limit breaks.


 When equipped on Saitō Hajime, increases the party's Arts and Buster Card Performance by 10%, as long as he is on the field.


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Fan Translation: Even though it was quiet, the man's final years was unaffected and sincere, with fortitude and vigour.

He quit the corps, stayed in Aizu, changed his name, and worked for the government as a police officer, for his entire life, until the very end, this respectable man did not talk much about the guys he used to fight together with. This man intentionally lived like a Samurai, in a period where the way of the Samurai has faded and lost its value.

Just kidding, really, even though I look like this, I actually have a loose tongue, that's why when I speak untactfully, I would talk incessantly and mix truths with fictions. Some time ago too, at the dojo, my arrogantly poking at the youngsters who were stabbing their bamboo swords with all their might somehow became me talking down to them.

In the first place, I can't think about each and every details about things like killing with the sword like this, or cutting things off like that. I'm so absorbed in it, I'm just crying out loud and brandishing it around, you know?

Oh well, that's the way it was, back then.

Obsessively fighting, obsessively laughing and crying, obsessively dying away, everyone was running through like that. That's why I thought, at least someone like me could hold up the flag and live boldly until the very end.

The lone Shinsengumi who continued to fight the turbulent Bakumatsu and lived through until the end. No one knows of his true thoughts.

"―――Hey everyone, did you manage to find the end of your dreams?"

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