The Masters are in charge of supporting and command the Servants in combat. Masters represent the players of the game. Like Servants, Masters also have levels and skills. They can also utilize their Command Spells to turn the tide of battle. Throughout the story, the Master is the main protagonist of the game.

Master avatars can be either male or female, depending on the player's choice. The same applies to the name. This can be changed in the Master Profile.

Masters have three combat skills based on the Mystic Code being worn. These instantly apply an effect in battle, but have long cooldowns compared to Servants' skills. As the Mystic Code levels up, the effect and cooldown of the skills will improve. For more information, see Master Skills.

Command Spells have extremely powerful effects in exchange for requiring 24 hours to recharge. Masters can have up to 3 Command Spells available at a time.

  • 1 Seal: Increase one Servant's NP Gauge by 100%.
  • 1 Seal: Full heal one Servant's HP to maximum.
  • 3 Seals: When the party is defeated, revive all members, immediately cooldown their skills, and set their NP Gauges to 100%.
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