Main Interludes (メイン・インタールード?) is a new feature that was introduced in the 19M Downloads Campaign, where old events with story quests that already had a Re-Run in the past are brought back into the game, but only the Main Quests of the corresponding events can be played.

In every Main Interlude that would be brought back in any future updates, players can buy the access to the quests through Da Vinci's Workshop Rare Prism Exchange.

This also gives newer players a chance to obtain welfare Servants whose events have already happened and would then be previously considered unobtainable.

  • The quests are playable even for players who have cleared the original event and its rerun.
  • Story content will be exactly the same.
  • There will be no Event Items/Currency in the quest drops.
  • The Special Currency of certain events will be available to help progress in the main quests.
  • The quest drops and quest rewards might be altered.
  • Free Quests, Challenge Quests and any Event quests that isn't related to the Main Quests will not appear in the replay.
  • Some Main Interludes might include an event shop that helps unlock related quests for the Main Quests.
  • The quests from this replay are treated as a NORMAL QUEST for Support Layout purposes.
  • For players who have never reached NP5 for the welfare Servants, they can buy copies of them through the Rare Prism Exchange for Rare prism2. Players who have already reached NP5 will not be able to get more copies through Rare Prism Exchange.
  • Moreover, players who have gotten their 6th copy or above through this will be able to get Rare prism1 per copy.

List of Main Interludes

Servant Main Interlude Original Events Cost
Icon Servant 197 Merry Christmas from the Underworld Quests Christmas 2017 Event
Christmas 2017 Event Re-Run
Rare prism5
BBicon Deep Sea Cyberbrain Paradise SE.RA.PH Quests SE.RA.PH
SE.RA.PH -Second Ballet-
Rare prism5
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