Duration: April 25th 21:00 - May 9th 20:59 PDT

Login Bonus

Normal Login Bonus
Consecutive Login Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Reward Golden Apple1 Golden Apple1 Golden Apple1 Golden Apple1 Golden Apple1 Golden Apple1 Golden Apple1

New My Room Background

  • For a limited time during the event, the My Room background will be changed.
Train Cabin.png

2x Friend Points + Great & Super Success Chance

  • The chances of getting Great & Super Success are doubled for the following Servants.
  • Choosing the following Servants as a Support unit during the campaign will reward both the player who chose the Support and the one who put the Servant as Support with double friend points.
  • This also applies to Followers in addition to Friends.
    • NPC Supports do not count towards the bonus friend points.
Altericon.png Archer of Shinjuku Alterlancericon.png Iskandaricon.png Wavericon.png Davinciicon.png Rhymeicon.png Jackicon.png Emiyaassassinicon.png Sakataicon.png Alexandericon.png Babbageicon.png AntonioIcon.png Shakespeareicon.png PaulBunyanicon.png

All Ember Gathering and Training Grounds Daily Quests Unlocked

  • All Ember Gathering and Training Grounds quests will be unlocked during the campaign.
    • Mana Prism reward from clearing the quests can only be obtained once.

1/2 AP Campaign

  • 1/2 AP for all London Free Quests.
    • The 1/2 AP for Free Quests only applies for the first three times a Free Quest is cleared. From the fourth time onwards, the AP cost will be the regular one.

Rate-Up Servants
5★ Wavericon.png Zhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II) Class-Caster-Gold.png
3★ Alexandericon.png Alexander Class-Rider-Silver.png

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