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Japanese Name: リンボ
AKA: Ashiya Dōman, Great Spirit of Limbo, Great Spirit of Shimosa (下総の大霊?)
Class(es): Class-Caster-Gold.png Class-Alterego-Gold.png Attribute: Sky
Rank: Gold Gender: ??
Charges: Class-Caster-Gold.png 5 / Class-Alterego-Gold.png 3 Actions: 3
Traits: Demonic, Servant, Super Large, Undead, Weak to Enuma Elish
Instapowerup.png Death Rate: 0%
Critchnup.png Crit Chance: ??%
Hitcountup.png Hits: ??
Areas: Main Quest: Shimosa, Main Quest: Yuga Kshetra, Main Quest: Olympus, Interlude: Katō Danzō
Drops: Kotan Magatama Arrowhead of Maledictions.png

Limbo was a boss enemy first introduced in Shimosa.

Boss Mechanics

Skill Name Skill Effect
Kalpa Nigori
 (劫濁, Depravity?)
Debuff all party members with Defensedown.png Defense Down and Npchargedown.png NP Generation Down.
Karma : Absolute Mockery
 (宿業・一切嘲弄, Shukugou・Issai Chourou?) (Passive)
Great Spirit of Limbo's Normal Attacks Has a Chance to Inflict a Healdowndebuff.png Heal Down, Npchargedown.png NP Generation Down and a Stargaindown.png Star Generation Down Debuff.
Noble Phantasm Effect
Great Calamity
 (大難災禍, Dainan Saika?)
Deals powerful damage to all enemies and Drains their NP gauge by 20%.
Break Effect
Lifebar1.pngLifebar0.png / Lifebar0.pngLifebar0.png When Great Spirit of Limbo's First Health Bar is Depleted; Your Front Party Has a High Chance of Receiving a Nppowerdown.png NP Damage Down Debuff.

Recommended Servants

Traits Servants with Special Damage
Demonic Ramaicon.pngpx S298Icon.pngpx Toudaicon.pngpx S272Icon.pngpx S214Icon.pngInstapowerup.pngpx S225Icon.pngpx S237Icon.pngpxpx S327Icon.pngpx S188.pngpx Yorimitsuicon.pngpx S292A1Icon.pngpx
Servant Gilicon.pngpx[1] Teslaicon.pngpx[2] S283Icon.pngpx Yorimitsuicon.pngpx[3]
  1. [1]: Except Enuma Elish Nullification Servants.
  2. [2]: Only Earth or Sky Attributes.
  3. [3]: Only Earth or Sky Attributes except Demi-Servants and Pseudo-Servants.
Super Large ArthurIcon.pngpx Icon Servant 200.pngpx S296Icon.pngpx
Undead S299Icon.pngpx Scathachicon.pngpx S243Icon.pngpx MarthaRulericon.pngpx
Class Servants with Special Damage
Class-Alterego-Gold.png Alter Ego Musashi icon.pngpx
Attributes Servants with Special Damage
Sky Brideicon.pngpx S250Icon.pngpx S281Icon.pngpx
Guide px Active Skills, px Noble Phantasm, Dragontrait.png Add Trait
For other effects see status effects.

Enemy Variation

[ Enemies ] [ Traits ] [ Attributes ]
Massive GhostIcon.png Ereshkigal (Massive Ghost)Icon.png Christine (Massive Ghost)Icon.png Romeo and JulietIcon.png EnigmaIcon.png
Massive Ghost Ereshkigal (Massive Ghost) Christine (Massive Ghost) Romeo and Juliet Enigma
Lynchpin MaidIcon.png Massive Steam GhostIcon.png Xu Fu (Enemy)Icon.png GhostIcon.png
Lynchpin Maid Massive Steam Ghost Xu Fu (Enemy) Ghost