Manga De Wakaru

Chapter 00 : Prologue
Since this page was released in a magazine, it doesn't have a lecture portion.
What should we do now?
I'm gonna go play Starlight Stage instead.
I'll give you 40 Saint Quartz if you stay.

Chapter 01 : It Finally Begins! Fate/Grand Order!
Wait a minute! Isn't she being too rude to her Director!?
Fate/Grand Order is now available on both iOS and Android platforms.
Let's meet up within the game, Senpai.
Kyrielite! Don't just ignore me like that!!

Chapter 02 : Don't Underestimate the Tutorials!
FGO's tutorial levels are deeply rooted to the main story, and should be enjoyed from the start.
Immerse yourself to the "Prologue" of a completely new story written by Nasu Kinoko.
Fou Riyo
Four, Four, nkyu?
(Even though they're making fun of you since the start, Director?)
This animal, I wonder if he just said something very rude just now......?

Chapter 03 : Everyone's Favorite!? Saint Quartz Summon!
(I wonder if this girl is all right...)

By the way, you can spend 40 Saint Quartz to summon 10 times in a row, the so called 10 Gacha Roll
feature is also available in this game. This guarantees a 4★ card or higher, so you get a much better

rate compared to using 4 Saint Quartz to conduct a single summon.
Director, the 8/31 update now guarantees another 3★ Servant or higher to be summoned.
Check this announcement for more details about the event.

Chapter 04 : Connect with Friends!
By the way, you can add more friends by choosing another player at the Support selection screen

when starting a quest. You can send a friend request after the battle has ended.

Also, a more practical way of adding friends is by sharing user IDs with them directly.
Looks like there are some Servants that can only be summoned through Friend Points.
Oh, is that so...?

Chapter 05 : Fight By Combining Cards
Quick, Arts, and Buster are 3 types of cards, with each Servant having a unique combination of 5.

For example, Kyrielite has 1 Quick, 2 Arts, and 2 Buster cards.

You're well balanced indeed, but you lack individuality.
I'm sorry, Director... I don't have much variation, but there are Servants that possess 3 of the same card. They may be powerful, but they lose tactical versatility in exchange.
I think I'm gonna concentrate on offense after all, so maybe I should form a party with lots of Busters... Wait, that means I can only use Berserkers......!

Chapter 06 : Help! Support Character!
Servants of your friends are most likely to appear on your Support list, so let's work hard on making friends. It is recommended to bring Servants outside of your friend list when attempting an easy quest, and then send them a friend request afterward.
(Oh, a friend request from the Director... should I reject it?)
Hey! Can't you listen when people are talking to you...?

Chapter 07 : Raising your Servants
Huh, a dream...!
Looks like you were having a nightmare, or was it a nice dream?
Nothing about those even make any sense! Getting back on topic... You need a duplicate card of a

Heroic Spirit to strengthen their Noble Phantasm, which can be upgraded to a maximum level of 5.
There are various ways to raise your Heroic Spirits; Ascension increases the maximum level of your
Servant and unlocks a new skill, while Skill Enhancement will strengthen the effects of those skills.

Find other ways to raise them that benefits you more in battle.

Chapter 08 : Manage AP Efficiently
Managing your AP is crucial to this game since you need to spend AP to progress in your quests.

Even though AP gradually recovers, they'll instantly refill if you use a Saint Quartz or when your
Master level increases. Because your maximum AP also increases with your Master level, it is
recommended to raising your levels to efficiently play the game.

...By the way, I was wondering what you meant earlier?
You'll find out later if you keep going. Soon.
Th-That doesn't explain anything!

Chapter 09 : Deepen Your Bonds With Your Servants
One of this game's feature is the ability to deepen your bond with a specific Servant.
After your bonds have deepen, set them as your favorite and try talking to them inside your room.
I-I can't get married anymore...
That didn't officially happen.

Chapter 10 : Login Daily for Rewards
Well, it's good that she logs in on a daily basis, right?
I'll do my best to make her play every day as well...
Don't ignore the login bonuses. There are two types of bonuses, the consecutive daily login bonus that resets
every 7 days, and a cumulative login bonus that counts the total number of days you've logged in.

If you log in daily, you'll get enough items to perform a rare summon twice every week. Rolling for Heroic Spirits and
Craft Essences every week may sound nice, but saving them all up for events is even better.

She seems to prefer spending everything right away though...

Chapter 11 : Strengthening Your Servants!
There are various items you can use to strengthen your Heroic Spirits. Shining Gems and Magic

Gems can be used to enhance their skills, while Pieces and Monuments of their respective class
can be used for ascension. In order to strengthen them to their maximum potential, rare materials

obtainable only from specific monsters and special quests will be required.
This game is quite bothersome, huh?
That's because you only care about summoning, you should at least raise them properly as well.

Chapter 12 : Let's Do Daily Quests!
Daily Quest is a type of quest that appears during certain days only. They can be useful when gathering
strengthening materials for your Servants. You can take Daily Quests by selecting "Chaldea Gate" on your terminal.
Senpai grew muscles all of a sudden...
Though growing muscles aren't really necessary, I recommend doing "Master Training" every Sunday. (Removed from the game since Okeanos Update)

Your maximum AP will increase each time you level up, which will allow you to take on more quests afterwards. It might
be a bit difficult to tackle "Master Training Advance" right away, but it's possible

to get some rare items from it, so you should try to challenge it once you've gained some levels.

Chapter 13 : Enjoy the Events!
Events provide various game content. The Moon Gazing event required gathering dangos to unlock the next scenario, while the Halloween event wants you to gather four kinds of item. Each event is an entirely different variety.
I always think of you during events, Director... Oh, I got a Pumpkin Lantern.
You absolutely did not! Sigh, all I wanted was to participate in the event.

Chapter 14 : Let's Equip Craft Essences!
You can also strengthen Craft Essences just like Servants, but since we can't use "Embers" like we do on
Servants, we need to use other Craft Essences as material instead. In addition, you can use an identical Craft
Essence as material to increase the maximum level...... Senpai, did you also know about this?
Yeah, I did. You can ascend Craft Essences to maximum and power up their effects by consuming an identical card four times. Well then, that means you'll have to strip 2 pieces like we've talked earlier.
S-senpai... I'm getting worried.

Chapter 15 : Learned with Manga! Fate/Grand Order
You must have learned everything about the game by now. I'll be taking a break from this comics for a while, so I'll be seeing you again in the main story.
Oh, Director! The management has decided to make a sequel "Learn More with Manga!" coming out this December. (2015)
What's that!? What happened to my most awaited return, ~Management~!!