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Normal Effect
Increases critical damage by 40%.
Defensedown.png 500% Chance to reduce own defense by 20%. [Demerit. Permanent, Unremovable]
Max Limit Break Effect
Increases critical damage by 50%.
Defensedown.png 500% Chance to reduce own defense by 20%. [Demerit. Permanent, Unremovable]


Description Translation🛈

老騎士は語る。あらゆる選択に過ちはない。 過ちがあるとすれば、それは己が選択を悔い、 目を背ける事なのだと。 ―――我が骸は、どうかイチイの木の下に。

NA Localization: As men age, so do beliefs.
The old knight says there are no wrong choices.
If there's one thing to be called a mistake, it would be to regret your choice, and turn your eyes away from it.

...I beseech you, when I die, lay my body to rest beneath a yew tree.

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