• Clear all Event Main Quests and Salomon.
[High Difficulty] Final Record・Resolution Act
AP Cost Bond Points QP EXP Battlefield type
5 915 
(183 per AP)
(7638 per AP)
(1880 per AP)
Available NPCS Icon Servant 200Lvl 80 NP 3
Grand Battle 1/1 Ryōgi Shiki
Lvl 90 Class-Saber-Gold Lifebar1Lifebar2 200,889 HP
Lifebar1Lifebar0 262,701 HP
Lifebar0Lifebar0 343,056 HP
Lvl 90 Class-Saber-Silver 302,430 HP
Notable Drops Ghost lantern Saber monument
  • NOTE : Players can only use the NPC Support for this battle. (Instead of Friend's Support)
  • Mystic Eyes of Distortion: At the start of the battle, Asagami Fujino gains permanent and unremovable Buster UP, Defense DOWN and Attack UP.
  • Ryōgi Shiki
    • Lifebar1Lifebar2: Defected Shaku-Length Strike: Gains Buster-Card Evasion (1 hit) at the end of every turn; and Lose NP Charge when attacked by Buster-card attacks (1 hit).
    • Lifebar1Lifebar0: Giving Me This Again? : Gains Inflict Attack DOWN that lasts for 3 turns towards the target upon attack (5 turns) buff and Gain 1 tick of NP charge every turn.
    • Lifebar0Lifebar0: Gains permanent Defense UP and HP Recovery Rate UP
  • Kirie
    • Double Entities Holder: Debuffs target with Attack Damage DOWN (3 turns) when target is attacked by this unit's normal attacks. [Unremovable]
    • Guts : Revive with 50% HP (1 time) [Unremovable]
    • Temptations for Wandering Around: Drains all enemies' NP charge greatly after 1 turn. (Can be removed upon attack.)
    • When Ryōgi Shiki at Lifebar1Lifebar0 Temptations for Wandering Around: Charges all party members' NP greatly after 1 turn. (Can be removed upon attack.)
Crystallized lore


  • Final Record refers to one of the Novels for Kara no Kyoukai "the Garden of Oblivion"
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