This Article is for 5★Class-Rider-Gold Iskandar. For 3★Class-Rider-Silver, see Alexander.

Bryn2 This Servant is a limited Servant Limited. It is only available during special summoning campaigns. When no such campaigns are active, this Servant cannot be summoned. No plans have been revealed to add this Servant to the permanent summoning pool.
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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Japanese Name: イスカンダル
AKA: The King of Conquerors of the Distant Lands (遥かなる征服王, Harukanaru Seifuku-ō?)
Alexander the Great, King of Conquerors
ID: 108 Cost: 16
ATK: 1,786/11,560 HP: 1,938/13,219
Grail ATK: 12,654 Grail HP: 14,482
Voice Actor: Ootsuka Akio Illustrator: Takeuchi Takashi
Attribute: Man Growth Curve: Reverse S
Star Absorption: 205 Star Generation: 8.8%
NP Charge ATK: 0.66% / 0.86% NP Charge DEF: 3%
Death Rate: 40% Alignments: Neutral・Good
Gender: Male
Traits: Brynhildr's Beloved, Divine, Greek Mythology Males, Humanoid, King, Male, Riding, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish
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Active Skills Passive Skills Noble Phantasm Ascension Skill Upgrade Bond Level Biography Availability Trivia

Active Skills

Available from the start
Atk up
Charisma A
Increases party's attack for 3 turns.
Level 12345678910
Attackup Attack + 10% 11% 12% 13% 14% 15% 16% 17% 18% 20%
Cooldown 7 65

Unlocks after 1st Ascension
Military Tactics B
Increases party's NP damage for 1 turn.
Level 12345678910
Nppowerup NP Damage + 9% 9.9% 10.8% 11.7% 12.6% 13.5% 14.4% 15.3% 16.2% 18%
Cooldown 7 65

Unlocks after 3rd Ascension
Lightning Conqueror EX
Increases own Buster performance for 1 turn.
Stargainup Increases own critical star generation rate by 50% for 1 turn.
Level 12345678910
Busterupstatus Buster + 30% 32% 34% 36% 38% 40% 42% 44% 46% 50%
Cooldown 8 76

Passive Skills

Anti magic
Magic Resistance D
Increases own debuff resistance by 12.5%.
Riding A+
Increases own Quick performance by 11%.
Divinity C
Increases own damage by 150.

Noble Phantasm

Ionioi Hetairoi
Army of the King
Rank Classification Type Hit-Count
EX Anti-Army Buster 8
Effect Deals damages to all enemies. PreUpgradeIconTitle
NP Level 1 2 3 4 5
Powerup Damage + 300% 400% 450% 475% 500%
Overcharge Effect Reduces their defense for 3 turns.
Charge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
Defensedown Defense - 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%

Upgrades after Interlude 2
Ionioi Hetairoi
Army of the King
Rank Classification Type Hit-Count
EX Anti-Army Buster 8
Effect Deals damages to all enemies. UpgradeIconText
NP Level 1 2 3 4 5
Powerup Damage + 400% 500% 550% 575% 600%
Overcharge Effect Reduces their defense for 3 turns.
Reduces their critical attack chance for 3 turns. UpgradeIconText
Charge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
Defensedown Defense - 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%
Critchndown Crit chance - 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%

イスカンダル 王の軍勢

イスカンダル 王の軍勢

Accel Zero Order- Iskandar Noble Phantasm

Accel Zero Order- Iskandar Noble Phantasm


Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1st Rider piece5 Qp100,000
2nd Rider piece12 Meteoric horseshoe8 Qp300,000
3rd Rider monument5 Heros proof29 Octuplet twin crystals5 Qp1,000,000
4th Rider monument12 Octuplet twin crystals10 Horsehorn8 Qp3,000,000

Skill Reinforcement

Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1st Shiningrider5 Qp200,000
2nd Shiningrider12 Qp400,000
3rd Magicrider5 Qp1,200,000
4th Magicrider12 Heros proof15 Qp1,600,000
5th Secretrider5 Heros proof29 Qp4,000,000
6th Secretrider12 Meteoric horseshoe5 Qp5,000,000
7th Meteoric horseshoe10 Yggdrasil seed8 Qp10,000,000
8th Yggdrasil seed22 Phoenix plume20 Qp12,000,000
9th Crystallized lore Qp20,000,000


Strength: B
Endurance: A
Agility: D
Mana: C
Luck: A+
NP: A++

Bond Level

Bond Level 1 BoundLevel1 2 BoundLevel2 3 BoundLevel3 4 BoundLevel4 5 BoundLevel5 6 BoundLevel6 7 BoundLevel7 8 BoundLevel8 9 BoundLevel9 10 BoundLevel10
Bond Required 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 230,000 250,000 300,000 380,000 438,000
Total Bond 2,000 5,000 9,000 14,000 20,000 250,000 500,000 800,000 1,180,000 1,618,000
Bond 10 Reward GordianKnot icon Gordian Knot
When equipped on Iskandar,
Increases party's attack by 15% while he is on the field.
Chaldean Visionary Flames [?]
11 BoundLevel1 12 BoundLevel2 13 BoundLevel3 14 BoundLevel4 15 BoundLevel5
1,090,000 1,230,000 1,360,000 1,500,000 1,640,000
2,708,000 3,938,000 5,298,000 6,798,000 8,438,000


Unlock Description Translation
Default イスカンダルとはアレクサンドロス3世のペルシア語における呼称であり、双角王(ズカルナイン)の異名でも知られる。


Iskandar is the naming for Alexander III in Persian, he is also known by the nickname of Twin-Horns King (Dhu'l Qarnayn).

With the eastern expedition, his military prowess that resounded in the Islamic world derived into many heroic tales and was propagated all over Asia.

Bond 1 マケドニアの王座を20歳で継いだ後、ギリシアの都市国家群を制圧し西アジアへと侵攻。


After he inherited the Macedonian throne at the age of 20, he suppressed the Greek city-states and invaded West Asia.

He acquired the status of Pharaoh of Egypt, defeated the robust Persian Kingdom and built a great empire that reached as far as the distant India.

Bond 2 その征服の情熱は領土の拡大という支配欲ではなく、未知なる世界の探求という探検家的な側面が強かった。


That passion towards conquest was not a desire to rule under the name of territorial expansion, but the strong influence of an explorer-like aspect of pursuing an unknown world.

He appointed local personnel for the ruling of conquered regions and proactively endeavored in the appeasement with the West Asian culture, building the cornerstone of Hellenic civilization.

Bond 3 身長/体重:212cm・130kg

属性:中立・善  性別:男性

Height/Weight: 212cm・130kg

Source: Historical Fact
Region: Macedonia
Alignment: Neutral・Good
Gender: Male
King of Conquerors, winning without destroying. Conquering without disgracing.

Bond 4 『王の軍勢』

ランク:EX 種別:対軍宝具

Army of the King

Rank: EX
Type: Anti-Army
Ionian Hetairoi.
A inherent bounded-field of summoning. The trump card of the King of Conquerors.
People themselves are treasures. The distinguished services of matchless brave warriors are by themselves the proof of a king.
Consecutive summoning of the personal guard he lead in his lifetime as independent Servants, trampling down on the enemy with a military force of tens of thousands.

Bond 5 『王の軍勢』において、生前のイスカンダル軍団を丸ごと召喚される。


In the 「Army of the King」, the entirety of the Iskandar Army from when he was alive is summoned. The symbol of his kingship, a bond with his retainers that overcomes even time went as far as being sublimated as a Noble Phantasm. This originates from the fact how he - while alive - was not a hero that raised deeds of arms as an individual, but a hero that fought while commanding a military force.
Extra 最果ての海オケアノスへ至るという悲願のもと稀代の大遠征を成し遂げた征服王の情熱は、いかなる時代の聖杯戦争へ招かれようとも変わらない。


The passion of the King of Conquerors, who accomplished an extraordinary great expedition based on the dearest wish of reaching the farthest sea - Okeanos, does not change regardless of which age's Holy Grail War he is summoned to.

Taking no notice of even the miracle of the Holy Grail, he marches once again towards the ends of the world. Glory lies for sure at the distance.


Iskandar was available for summoning during the:

Fate/Accel Zero Order Event New Year 2017 Summoning Campaign Fes.2017~2nd Anniversary~Lucky Bag
2018 New Year Campaign Lucky Bag Fes.2018~3rd Anniversary~Lucky Bag Fate/Accel Zero Order -LAP 2-
New Year Lucky-Bag Summoning Campaign 2019