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~ Part 1 ~
Fuyuki Main Free Intrld
Orleans Main
Ch.1-8 Ch.9-15
Free Intrld
Septem Main Free Intrld
Okeanos Main
Ch.1-7 Ch.8-11 Ch.12-14
Free Intrld
London Main Free Intrld
E Pluribus Unum Main
Ch.1-8 Ch.9-15 Ch.16-22
Free Intrld
Camelot Main
Ch.1-9 Ch.10-14 Ch.15-17
Free Intrld
Babylonia Main
Ch.1-11 Ch.12-22
Free Intrld
Salomon Main Raid
~ Part 1.5 ~
Shinjuku Main Free Intrld
Agartha Main
Ch.1-8 Ch.9-16
Shimosa Main Free Intrld
Salem Main Free
~ Part 2 ~
Arc 2 Prologue / December 26, 2017
Anastasia Main Free
Götterdämmerung Main Free
S I N -Intro-
Yuga Kshetra Main Free
Atlantis Main Free
Olympus Main Free
Chaldea Gate Daily Interlude Strengthen

Interludes that are directly found in Chaldea Gate. Some Interludes here may require completion of certain Main Quests.

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