Japanese Name: ヒュドラ
Class(es): Class-Archer-Gold Class-Rider-Gold Attribute: Earth
Rank: Gold Gender: None
Charges: 3 Actions: 3
Traits: Beast, Demonic, Super Large
Instapowerup Death Rate: 1%
Critchnup Crit Chance: 20%
Areas: Agartha, Kiyohime's Strengthen2,Main Quest: Yuga Kshetra
Drops: Bizarre God Wine

Hydra is a rare enemy found in Agartha.


Big Intimidation

  • BuffBlock Inflicts Buff Block status to all enemies for 1 time.
  • Attackup Increase own Attack by 30% for 3 turns.


Poison Breath

  • Powerup 500% damage to all enemies
  • Poison Inflict 500 damage Poison for 10 turns.
  • Nppowerdown Decrease NP Damage by 50% for 1 turn.

Recommended Servants

Hydra Traits Servants with Special Damage
Beast S272IconSkillIconMini CuprotoiconSkillIconMini
Demonic RamaiconNPIconMini ToudaiconNPIconMini S272IconSkillIconMini S214IconInstapowerupNPIconMini S225IconSkillIconMini S237IconNPIconMiniSkillIconMini S188NPIconMini YorimitsuiconSkillIconMini
Super Large ArthurIconSkillIconMini
Guide SkillIconMini Active Skills, NPIconMini Noble Phantasm, Dragontrait Trait change
For other effects see status effects.

Enemy Variation

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OrochiIconD'yavol TronIconOrigin HydraIcon
OrochiD'yavol TronOrigin Hydra
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