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Hound of Agravaine

Japanese Name: アグラヴェインの猟犬
Class(es): Class-Berserker-Gold.png Attribute: Man
Rank: Gold Gender: Male
Charges: ?? Actions: 3
Traits: Human, Humanoid, Male
Instapowerup.png Death Rate: 20%
Critchnup.png Crit Chance: ??%
Hitcountup.png Hits: ??
Areas: Camelot
Drops: Medal of Great Knight

Hound of Agravaine is a rare enemy in Camelot. It only appeared in the Main Story-part of Camelot but not the Free Quest-part. It takes the form of Saber-class Knight Enforcer but with Shadow Particles.

Recommended Servants

Traits Servants with Special Damage
Human Sansonicon.pngpx S314Icon.pngpx
Humanoid Icon S210.pngpx Nightingaleicon.pngpx
Male Orionicon.pngpx Euryale.pngpx TamamoLancericon.pngpx S288Icon.pngpx Medbicon.pngpx Sthenoicon.pngInstapowerup.pngpx
Class Servants with Special Damage
Class-Saber-Gold.png Saber Heroinexicon.pngpx S261Icon.pngNpseal.pngpx
Attributes Servants with Special Damage
Man S276Icon.pngpx S314Icon.pngpx S309Icon.pngpx S323Icon.pngpx Icon Servant 198.pngpx
Guide px Active Skills, px Noble Phantasm, Dragontrait.png Add Trait
For other effects see status effects.

Enemy Variation

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Knight EnforcerIcon.png Pumpkin KnightIcon.png Metal Pumpkin KnightIcon.png
Knight Enforcer Pumpkin Knight Metal Pumpkin Knight