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Himeji Bat

Japanese Name: 姫路コウモリ
ID: 57 Illustrator: Roga
Removes one Critdmgup Critical Damage Up buff from enemy when attacking using the engraved card.
Recovers 100 HP when attacking using the engraved card.
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Description Translation🛈


夏Ver.ではカエル兵士型、ネズミ兵士型、ヤドカリ戦車やトビウオ戦闘機、ニワトリ騎羽兵など様々な形で登場し た。

Fan Translation: The creation of the monster who lives in Himeji Castle.
They were made from decorative and colourful papers and were used as their master's hands and feet in every situations and not limited to offense and defense during battles.

Since they are originally origami, they can be made into a variety of productions.
In the summer version, they appeared in various forms such as frog soldiers, rat soldiers, hermit crab tanks, flying fish fighters, or chicken cavalries.

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  • This Command Code was obtained as an event reward during Valentine 2020.


  • This Command Code features Osakabehime's Chiyogami Bat.
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