BediNotice This Craft Essence is LOCKEDLocked until you complete Anastasia and will be added to the summoning pool once the quests are completed.


Normal Effect
Increases Buster performance by 8%.
Increases critical damage by 10%.
Increases critical star generation rate by 10%.
Max Limit Break Effect
Increases Buster performance by 10%.
Increases critical damage by 15%.
Increases critical star generation rate by 15%.


Description Translation🛈






NA Localization: "I'll never forgive you, for as long as I live. You know why?
Because thanks to you, I now know there's another, happier world out there.

So stand up, dammit. Stand up and fight for it.
Go on and brag about how you can smile in your world, and tell us why it should be the one to survive.

Be proud. Hold your head up high, and fight for your weak little world.

...Don't you dare go losing to a world like this, a world whose only virtue is strength!"

This is but a vision of a dream.
A world that would never be possible, only dreamed of by a Yaga.
Yet, you still imagine it... you still envision a wolf looking up at the stars, grinning in satisfaction.

Fan Translation: I will never forgive you.

I will never forgive you for making the mistake of teaching me that a happy world exists.

So stand up. Stand up and fight.

Haughtily claim that a world where you can laugh and live is superior, that such a world deserves to survive.

Hold your head up high.

Hold your head up high and fight for that weak and feeble world.

...Don't lose.

Don't lose to this world where only the strong can live.

--This is a picture of a dream. The image of a yaga who dreamed of the stars, of a world that can't possibly exist.

But still, you imagine it.

The image of a wolf who looks up the stars and smiles, satisfied.

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