Olympus Heian-kyō Avalon le Fae
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ロストベルト No. 5.5 地獄界曼荼羅 平安京 轟雷一閃ごうらいいっせん
Lostbelt No. 5.5 : Realm of Hell Mandala: Heian-kyō: Thundering Flash

Unlock Requirements: Clear Olympus.
Release Date : December 4, 2020 18:00 JST

Set in the Kankō era (A.D. 1008), Masters from Chaldea will be fighting against Ashiya Dōman, one of the Apostles of the Alien God. This Lostbelt will take place in Heian-kyō (Ancient Kyoto).

Clearing Shimosa is strongly encouraged to avoid spoilers.

Main Story Clear Reward :

Reward Craft Essences
CEIcon1318.png And Finally, At Mount Ōe Locked.png
Unlocks CE in the story summoning gacha.
CEIcon1318.png And Finally, At Mount Ōe Locked.png
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Heiankyo Divider.png

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