Hassan (Enemy)

Japanese Name: 基底のザイード / 迅速のマクール / 怪腕のゴズール
Class(es): Class-Assassin-Gold Attribute: Man
Rank: Bronze / Silver / Gold Gender: Male
Traits: Humanoid, Male, Servant
Area(s): Fate/Accel Zero Order Event,
E Pluribus Unum,
Instapowerup Death Rate:  ??%
Critchnup Critical Chance:  ??%
Actions/Turn: 3
Drops: Voids refuse

Hassans are enemies from the Fate/Accel Zero Order Event. In Fate/Zero, there are 100 variety of Hassans under one Servant - Hassan of the Hundred Faces. Each one of them has a different personality and the power of each Hassan is equivalent to (1/100 of the Original Hassan). Each one of them are part of the Noble Phantasm - Delusional Illusion.

In Fate/Accel Zero Order Event, they come in 3 different variety as enemies.

  • Class-Assassin-Bronze Zayd the Base (基底のザイード?)
  • Class-Assassin-Silver Makuru the Quick (迅速のマクール?)
  • Class-Assassin-Gold Gozuru the Strong Arm (怪腕のゴズール?)

Recommended Servants

Hassan (Enemy) Traits Servants with Special Damage
Humanoid NightingaleiconSkillIconMini Icon S210SkillIconMini
Male OrioniconSkillIconMini EuryaleNPIconMini TamamoLancericonNPIconMini MedbiconNPIconMini SthenoiconInstapowerupNPIconMini
Servant GiliconNPIconMini
(There are exceptions)
Earth & Sky only
Earth & Sky only