Grey Wolf

Japanese Name: ハイイロオオカミ; インドオオカミ
AKA: Indian Wolf
Class(es): Class-Rider-Gold Class-Berserker-Gold Attribute: Earth
Rank: Bronze Gender: None
Charges: 5 Actions: 1
Traits: Beast
Instapowerup Death Rate: 100%
Critchnup Crit Chance: 15%
Areas: Main Quest: Salem, Salem: Quiet Forest,Salem: Meadows, Salem: Refuge, Main Quest: Yuga Kshetra
Drops: Yggdrasil seed

Grey Wolf was first introduced in Salem.



  • Attackup Increase attack of all allies by 5% for 3 turns.


Chew Into

  • 300% damage to a single enemy.
  • Attackdown Decrease their attack by 10% for 3 turns.

Recommended Servants

Grey Wolf Traits Servants with Special Damage
Beast S272IconSkillIconMini CuprotoiconSkillIconMini
Guide SkillIconMini Active Skills, NPIconMini Noble Phantasm, Dragontrait Trait change
For other effects see status effects.
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