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GilgameshNotice.png This Servant is LOCKEDLocked.png until you complete Babylonia and will be added to the summoning pool once the quests are completed.

This Article is for Class-Avenger-Gold.png Gorgon. For 4★ Class-Lancer-Gold.png, see Medusa (Lancer). For 3★ Class-Rider-Silver.png, see Medusa. For enemy Class-Avenger-Gold.png Gorgon, see Gorgon (Enemy).

Servant Dialogue Interlude Strengthen
★ ★ ★ ★


Japanese Name: ゴルゴーン
AKA: Medusa
ID: 147 Cost: 12
ATK: 1,784/10,706 HP: 1,631/10,197
Lv.100 Grail ATK: 12,963 Lv.100 Grail HP: 12,364
Lv.120 Grail ATK: 15,220 Lv.120 Grail HP: 14,531
Voice Actor: Asakawa Yuu Illustrator: Simosi
Attribute: Earth Growth Curve: S
Critabsup.png Star Absorption: 29 Stargainup.png Star Generation: 6%
Npchargeup.png NP Charge ATK: 0.37% NPGainUpDmg.png NP Charge DEF: 5%
Instapowerup.png Death Rate: 7% Alignments: Chaotic・Evil
Gender: Female
Traits: Demonic Beast Servant, Divine Spirit, Female, Humanoid, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish
Hits:  Quick Hits3  |  Arts Hits5  |  Buster Hits3  |  Extra Hits5
Active Skills Passive Skills Append Skills Noble Phantasm Ascension
Skill Upgrade Bond Level Biography Trivia Images

Active Skills

Available from the start
Atk up.png
Increases own attack for 1 turn.
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Attackup.png Attack + 30% 32% 34% 36% 38% 40% 42% 44% 46% 50%
Cooldown 7 6 5

Upgrades after Strengthening 1, Replaces Monstrous Strength A+
Atk up.png
Increases own attack for 4 attacks, 2 turns. UpgradeIconText.png
Increases own critical star absorption of Bustermini.png Buster Cards for 1 turn. UpgradeIconText.png
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Attackup.png Attack + 30% 32% 34% 36% 38% 40% 42% 44% 46% 50%
Critabsup.png Buster Absorption + 300% 330% 360% 390% 420% 450% 480% 510% 540% 600%
Cooldown 7 6 5

Unlocks after 1st Ascension
Grants self Guts status for 1 time, 5 turns.
Increases own critical damage for 3 turns.
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Gutsstatus.png Revives with 1000 HP 1200 HP 1400 HP 1600 HP 1800 HP 2000 HP 2200 HP 2400 HP 2600 HP 3000 HP
Critdmgup.png Crit Damage + 20% 23% 26% 29% 32% 35% 38% 41% 44% 50%
Cooldown 9 8 7

Unlocks after 3rd Ascension
Chance to Petrify one enemy for 1 turn.
(Petrify: Similar to Stun, unlike Stun this effect ignores Stun Resistance and Stun Success Rate Up buffs.)
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Stunstatus.png Petrify Chance + 55% 60% 65% 70% 75% 80% 85% 90% 95% 105%
Cooldown 8 7 6

Passive Skills

Avenger B
NPGainUpDmg.png Increases own NP generation rate when taking damage by 18%.
Resistancedown.png 500% Chance to reduce party's debuff resistance by 8% except self. (Including sub members) [Demerit]

Oblivion Correction C
Critdmgup.png Increases own critical damage by 6%.
Self-Replenishment (Magic) A
Npgainturn.png Charges own NP gauge by 3.8% every turn.

Append Skills

Unlocks by consuming Servant Coins
Extra Attack Finesse Improvement
Increases own Extra Attack performance.
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Powerup.pngNpchargeup.pngStargainup.png Extra Attack + 30% 32% 34% 36% 38% 40% 42% 44% 46% 50%

Unlocks by consuming Servant Coins
Mana Loading
Starts battle with NP gauge.
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
NpCharge.png NP + 10% 11% 12% 13% 14% 15% 16% 17% 18% 20%

Unlocks by consuming Servant Coins
Atk up.png
Anti-Rider Attack Damage Aptitude
Increases own attack against Class-Rider-Gold.png Rider enemies.
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Attackup.png vs. Rider Attack + 20% 21% 22% 23% 24% 25% 26% 27% 28% 30%

Noble Phantasm

Pandemonium Cetus
Forced Seal, Pandemonic Temple

Base Damage: x1.5
Rank Noble Phantasm Type
A Anti-Army
Hits Per Hit Percentage
3 16%, 33%, 51%
Effect Deals damage to all enemies. PreUpgradeIconTitle.png
NpCharge.png Charges party's NP gauge by 10%. PreUpgradeIconTitle.png
NP Level 1 2 3 4 5
Powerup.png Damage + 300% 400% 450% 475% 500%
Overcharge Effect Inflicts Curse for 5 turns to them.
Charge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
Curse.png Curse Damage + 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000

Upgrades after Interlude 1

Pandemonium Cetus
Forced Seal, Pandemonic Temple

Base Damage: x1.5
Rank Noble Phantasm Type
A+ Anti-Army
Hits Per Hit Percentage
3 16%, 33%, 51%
Effect Deals damage to all enemies. UpgradeIconText.png
NpCharge.png Charges party's NP gauge by 15%. UpgradeIconText.png
NP Level 1 2 3 4 5
Powerup.png Damage + 400% 500% 550% 575% 600%
Overcharge Effect Inflicts Curse for 5 turns to them.
Charge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
Curse.png Curse Damage + 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000


Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1st Snake jewel.png8 Unlucky bone.png8 QPicon.png50,000
2nd Stinger of Certain Death8 Chains of The Fool.png8 QPicon.png150,000
3rd Primordial Lanugo8 Void's Refuse8 QPicon.png500,000
4th Cursed Beast Cholecyst8 Talon of chaos.png8 QPicon.png1,500,000

Skill Reinforcement

Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1st Unlucky bone.png8 QPicon.png100,000
2nd Chains of The Fool.png8 QPicon.png200,000
3rd Snake jewel.png10 QPicon.png600,000
4th Stinger of Certain Death10 QPicon.png800,000
5th Bloodstone Tear10 QPicon.png2,000,000
6th Primordial Lanugo12 QPicon.png2,500,000
7th Heart of a foreign god.png12 QPicon.png5,000,000
8th Cursed Beast Cholecyst12 QPicon.png6,000,000
9th Crystallized lore.png QPicon.png10,000,000

Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1st Homunculus Baby8 QPicon.png100,000
2nd Talon of chaos.png8 QPicon.png200,000
3rd Black Tallow10 QPicon.png600,000
4th Lamp of Demon Sealing10 QPicon.png800,000
5th Giant's Ring.png10 QPicon.png2,000,000
6th Arrowhead of Maledictions.png12 QPicon.png2,500,000
7th Rainbow Yarn.png12 QPicon.png5,000,000
8th Tiny Bell of Amnesty.png12 QPicon.png6,000,000
9th Crystallized lore.png QPicon.png10,000,000


Strength: A++
Endurance: A++
Agility: B
Mana: B
Luck: D

Bond Level

Bond Level 1 BoundLevel1.png 2 BoundLevel2.png 3 BoundLevel3.png 4 BoundLevel4.png 5 BoundLevel5.png 6 BoundLevel6.png 7 BoundLevel7.png 8 BoundLevel8.png 9 BoundLevel9.png 10 BoundLevel10.png
Bond Required 5,000 15,000 10,000 2,000 18,000 150,000 400,000 300,000 280,000 370,000
Total Bond 5,000 20,000 30,000 32,000 50,000 200,000 600,000 900,000 1,180,000 1,550,000
Bond 10 Reward 408icon.png Chrȳsāōr
When equipped on Gorgon,
Increases party's Buster performance and
NP generation rate by 10% while she is on the field.
Chaldean Visionary Flames [?]
11 BoundLevel1.png 12 BoundLevel2.png 13 BoundLevel3.png 14 BoundLevel4.png 15 BoundLevel5.png
1,090,000 1,230,000 1,360,000 1,500,000 1,640,000
2,640,000 3,870,000 5,230,000 6,730,000 8,370,000


Unlock Description Translation🛈
Default ギリシャ神話におけるゴルゴン三姉妹の三女。



NA Localization: The youngest of the three Gorgon sisters in Greek mythology.
Her True Name is Medusa.
What remains after a cursed maturation.
For reasons not quite understood, her original monstrous aspects have grown tremendously in power.
She is very close to transforming from a goddess to a pure monster, Gorgon, and should not normally be able to be summoned as a Servant.

───In this state, she is worthy of the title Queen of Demonic Beasts.

Fan Translation: The youngest of the Gorgon Sisters that appears in Greek Mythology.
Her original true name is Medusa.
The mere shadow of a cursed growth.
A condition in which, due some factor, the monster disposition that is her foundation (original) was considerably emphasized.
A stage that is on the verge of a complete metamorphosis from a goddess to the behemoth・monster “Gorgon” and, originally, is not something that would be summoned as a Servant

---an existence that might already be called the queen of magical beasts.

Bond 1 身長/体重:172+??cm・57+??kg

属性:混沌・悪  性別:女性

NA Localization: Height/Weight: 172+?? cm, 57+?? kg
Origin: Greek Mythology
Region: Europe
Alignment: Chaotic-Evil
Gender: Female
If you included her non-human parts, her weight and height would become...fairly substantial.

Fan Translation: Height/Weight: 172+??cm・57+??kg
Source: Greek Mythology
Region: Europe
Alignment: Chaotic・Evil
Gender: Female
If you included the non-human, monstrous parts, the height and weight values become quite something.

Bond 2 「ゴルゴンの怪物/ゴルゴーン」に限りなく近い存在として顕れてしまった彼女は、本来的には人類への脅威である。


NA Localization: She has manifested in a form extremely close to the monster known as Gorgon, and would normally be a threat to humanity.
Although she has been summoned as a Servant by Chaldea's system, the utmost care will still be necessary.
Letting one's guard down will be fatal, even for her Master.

Fan Translation: Having materialized as an existence extremely close to the “Gorgon monster”, she is essentially a threat for mankind.
Although she has been summoned as a Servant by means of the Chaldean system, careful attention is necessary when handling her.
If he let his guard down, even the Master will have his life forfeit.

Bond 3 変転の魔:B


NA Localization: Demonic Mutation: B
Indicates that a hero or god became a monster during their lifetime.
By emphasizing the truth about their past, this skill greatly enhances a Servant's abilities.
Gorgon's stamina and strength are boosted to ranks absolutely impossible for any human.

Fan Translation: Demonic Mutation: B Denotes how a hero or god was transformed into a demon in life. A skill that considerably strengthens the abilities as a Servant by emphasizing a fact from the past. Gorgon achieved a rank of STR and END that is absolutely impossible for a human body.

Bond 4 魔眼:A++



NA Localization: Mystic Eyes: A++
She possesses "Cybele," among the most powerful Mystic Eyes.
However, they are normally sealed.

Roar of Fear: A++
A roar that inspires instinctual fear in any living thing that hears it.
Causes fear to all enemies, continuous DEF down, large momentary DEF down, curse, etc.
But it is not used in this game.

Fan Translation: Mystic Eyes: A++
Possession of mystic eyes of the highest level, “Cybele”.
However, it is normally on a sealed away condition.

Scream of Awe: A++
A roar that arouses another's instinctive awe as a living being.
Bestows fear, continuous Defense DOWN, momentary Defense Large DOWN, curse and other conditions on all enemies.
Still, it is fundamentally not being employed in this work.

Bond 5 『強制封印・万魔神殿』

ランク:A 種別:対軍宝具


NA Localization: 『Pandemonium Cetus』
Rank: A Type: Anti-Army
Enforced Seal: Demonic Legion Temple.
What remains after she abandons the last traces of the goddess within her.
She temporarily materializes the Gorgon monster, and dissolves any life that exists within the target area.
Any human will die instantly, and Servants take massive damage.

Though it is a strengthened version of Rider Medusa's Noble Phantasm, Blood Fort Andromeda, it does not require any time to charge and can be used simply by releasing its True Name.
Its effect on inorganic targets is diminished.

Fan Translation: Forced Seal, Pandemonic Temple
Rank: A
Type: Anti-Army
Pandemonium Cetus.
By renouncing to her last vestiges as a goddess, the shadow of her former self that she becomes at the very end - the “Gorgon monster” - is temporarily materialized and all life within the designated territory is liquified.
Instantly robs the lives of humans, and even Servants are given severe damage.

Despite being a strengthened version “Outer-Seal, Blood Temple”, the Noble Phantasm that Medusa possesses when she is a Rider, it does not require setup time and is invoked with just the release of True Name.
Effectiveness is somewhat low against inorganic-type opponents.

Clear Babylonia & Reach Bond Level 5
Extra 万が一の可能性として、互いの絆を深める事に成功すれば……



NA Localization: If, by some one-in-a-million chance, she is able to deepen her bond with her Master, that Master will gain immense power.
But it should be kept in mind that she is utterly different from humans, and is something abnormal.

Her compassion, her love, is not made to co-exist with humanity.

Fan Translation: If by any chance, they manage to deepen the bonds with each other...
Her Master will then acquire a great power.
However, one should nonetheless realize that she is a diverging existence, with a different standpoint from humans.

Both her affection and her love---
are not meant for kinship with humans.

April Fool ごるごんサーヴァント


Gorgon-Type Servant

Medusa when she turns into a delinquent.
She won't listen to a single word from her Master. If you level Medusa wrong, this is how she turns out.


Gorgon was on rate up for summoning during the:

Babylonia Summoning Campaign 2 Battle in New York 2019 Absolute Demonic Battlefront Babylonia Release Campaign Part IV


  • She has the highest ATK values out of all 4★ servants.
  • She is the first 4★ Avenger Servant in the game.
  • She is the second non-limited Avenger Servant after Angra Mainyu, and the first non-limited Avenger Servant available via Saint Quartz summon.