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ロストベルト No. 2 無間氷焔世紀 ゲッテルデメルング 消えぬ炎の快男児
Lostbelt No. 2 : Eternal Flame Century : Götterdämmerung : Nice Guy of Imperishable Flames

Gotterdamerung lore

Set in B.C. 1000 of the Nordic Mythology, during the prophesied war among various beings and gods that ultimately results in the burning, immersion in water, and renewal of the world. Masters from Chaldea will be fighting against Ophelia Phamrsolone, one of the 7 Crypters.

Unlock Requirements: Clear Anastasia.
Release Date : Mid of July, 2018

Main Story Clear Reward :

Reward Craft Essences
Icon CE816 Maiden of a Flower Patio
Unlocks Servants in the story summoning gacha.
S224Icon Sitonai Locked
Unlocks CEs in the story summoning gacha.
Icon CE816 Maiden of a Flower Patio Locked

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Lostbelt No

Lostbelt No.2 無間氷焔世紀 ゲッテルデメルング 消えぬ炎の快男児 TVCM

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