Normal Effect
Increases critical damage of Quick Cards by 25%.
Max Limit Break Effect
Increases critical damage of Quick Cards by 30%.


Description Translation🛈




NA Localization: She was impossible to pin down.

She enthusiastically went after villains, but she was no hero of justice.
She impassively saved lives while shooting people in cold blood.

As befit a killer, she looked down on the weak, yet bemoaned the price she paid to become strong.

And to me, she was both a perfect stranger and my beloved family.

Fan Translation: She was a slippery woman no matter where she went.

A rogue who took the initiative when there were no knights in shining armor to be found, always cool-headed when taking the shot, detached as she carried out acts of mercy.

While the assassin's code called for laughing at the weak, she was regretting the price to become strong.

And for a complete stranger like me, she was my precious family.

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