Fifth True Theoretical FactorTrue Ether Environment Purpose Chaldea Uniform (第五真説要素環境用カルデア制服?, aka True Ether Environment Purpose Chaldea Uniform) can be obtained during Absolute Demonic Battlefront Babylonia Release Campaign Part III as a login campaign reward. It made its debut in the Absolute Demonic Battlefront Babylonia TV Anime, as Fujimaru Ritsuka's New Mystic Code. This Mystic Code was manufactured by Leonardo Da Vinci.


Available from the start
Attack Simultaneously
Increases the party's Buster Card Performance for 1 turn.
Level 12345678910
Busterupstatus Buster + 25%26%27%28%29%30%31%32%33%35%
Cooldown 15 1413

Available from the start
Threefold Therapy
Grants one ally Healing Regeneration buff for 3 turns.
Level 12345678910
Hpregen HP Regen + 1000110012001300140015001600170018002000
Cooldown 12 1110

Available from the start
Mana Conversion
NpCharge Charges one ally's NP gauge by 10%.
Increases their NP generation rate for 1 turn.
Level 12345678910
Npchargeup NP Rate + 20%22%24%26%28%30%32%34%36%40%
Cooldown 12 1110

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