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This page aims to define a style guide that should be used when editing the Fate/Grand Order Wikia.

Citing Sources and References

Fate/Grand Order Wikia strives to maintain up-to-date and accurate content. However, we do not maintain encyclopedic standards and sources do not have to be cited. The only exception is content that is disputed, in which case official sources should be given.


Most translations are done by wiki contributors or are assumed to be accepted by the general community. Do not directly copy large-text translations from unofficial sources into the wiki. This mainly applies to Servant biographies. Craft Essence lores, and Command Code lores. Translations related to servants in game must be as close as possible towards their real-world historical/mythological equivalent. For that, minimal reading and research is needed to find out the correct terms used for each servants. (For example, Skill Names or Noble Phantasm Names)

Speculation and Planned Content

Content that has been hinted at, either through data-mining or official channels should have {{Speculation}} added to the page. Content that is purely speculative and has no substantial evidence whatsoever should not be published at all (consider using a blog post instead).

Page Types and Layout

The following sections show the proper format for certain types of pages.

Servant Pages


<div class="Servant" style="overflow: hidden;">

==Active Skills==
Skill1 Name Rank=
{{:Skill1 Name|Rank}}
Skill2 Name Rank=
{{:Skill2 Name|Rank}}
Skill3 Name Rank=
{{:Skill3 Name|Rank}}

==Passive Skills==

==Noble Phantasm==



==Skill Reinforcement==


==Battle Sprites==
<gallery widths="200" position="center" columns="3" spacing="small" captionalign="center" bordersize="small" bordercolor="transparent">
nosprite1.png|Servant Name [ Stage 1 ]
nosprite2.png|Servant Name [ Stage 2 ]
nosprite3.png|Servant Name [ Stage 3 ]

== Biography ==
Height/Weight: ??cm ・ ??kg
Series: ??
Source: ??
Region: ??
Alignment: Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic ・ Good/Neutral/Evil
Gender: ??

Craft Essences

<div style="overflow: hidden;">
==Cards with Similar Effects==


For technical terminology and wording describing gameplay information such as Noble Phantasms, skills, or Craft Essence effects, until an exhaustive index can be compiled here, copy the exact verbiage from an existing page to maintain consistency across the wiki. (For example, skills like Charisma and Battle Continuation are fixed terms.)

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