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02/17/2020 ~ 02/23/2020
NO. Mission Reward
1 Complete all of this week's Master Missions Saint Quartz Fragmentx3
2 Defeat 8 Servants Saint Quartz Fragmentx3
3 Defeat 15 Demonic enemies Saint Quartz Fragmentx3
4 Defeat 15 Humanoid enemies Saint Quartz Fragmentx3
5 Acquire Pinwheel of Rendezvous50 from Valentine 2020 Saint Quartz Fragmentx3
6 Acquire Temari of Gatherings50 from Valentine 2020 Saint Quartz Fragmentx3
7 Acquire Nightly Fan50 from Valentine 2020 Saint Quartz Fragmentx3

02/16/2020 ~ 02/23/2020
NO. Mission Reward
1 Complete all of this week's Master Missions Saint Quartz Fragmentx2
2 Perform 30 Friendpoint Summons Saint Quartz Fragmentx2
3 Defeat 15 enemies with the Heaven attribute Saint Quartz Fragmentx2
4 Defeat 15 enemies with the Human attribute Saint Quartz Fragmentx2
5 Acquire 2 Gems, Magic Gems, Secret Gems, Pieces or Monuments through battle Saint Quartz Fragmentx2
6 Complete Quests 5 times Saint Quartz Fragmentx2
7 Complete Quests 10 times Saint Quartz Fragmentx2

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1.39.0 1.39.0
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to 2.6.0
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Date & Time
December 16, 2019
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20:00 ~ 00:00 PST
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