Fate Grand Order Memories

Campaign Duration : August 19, 2018 18:00 ~ September 2, 2018 12:59 JST

Art Book Information

FGO Memories I Book Cover

Title:Fate/Grand Order Memories Ⅰ Craft Essence ArtBook Part 1 2015.07-2016.12
Release Date: August 20, 2018 JST
Format: A4
Price:2,800 YEN (TAX Included)

In this book there are 244 Craft Essence Illustrations included with 79 Illustrators that created them.

Sample Pages:
Memories I sample1 Memories I sample2 Memories I sample3

Aniplex+ Add-On Goodies
Melty Sweeheart Canvas + Easel Set

Melty Sweetheart Mini-Mini Canvas Art + Easel Set
Exclusive Clear Files from Selected Stores
Cf animate Cf amazon Cf gamers Cf toranoana Cf melonbooks
Animate Amazon Gamers Toranoana Melonbooks

Event CE

Requirement: Clear Fuyuki to play the Memories I Quests

Limited Event CE
CE893 ★ ★ ★ ★
Fate/Grand Order Memories I

HP: 100
ATK: 100

  • +50 Master EXP after clearing a quest.

「Fate/Grand Order Memories」始動記念クエスト
Fate/Grand Order Memories Release Commemoration Quest
AP Cost Bond Points QP EXP Battlefield type
5 165 
(33 per AP)
(380 per AP)
(110 per AP)

Arrow 1 Enemies
Fatal Battle 1/1 Cú Chulainn
Lvl 25 Class-Caster-Silver 26,085 HP
Jeanne d'Arc
Lv 26 Class-Ruler-Gold 18,849 HP
Notable Drops

Arrow 2 Enemies
Fatal Battle 1/1 Nero
Lvl 27 Class-Saber-Gold 17,122 HP
Lvl 28 Class-Rider-Gold 20,278 HP
Lvl 29 Class-Saber-Gold 23,579 HP
Notable Drops

Arrow 3 Enemies
Fatal Battle 1/1 Nightingale
Lvl 30 Class-Berserker-Gold 24,165 HP
Lvl 31 Class-Saber-Gold 19,654 HP
Lvl 33 Class-Caster-Gold 21,245 HP
Notable Drops Caster piece


Summoning Campaign

FGO Memories Summoning Banner
5★ Davinciicon Leonardo Da Vinci Limited Class-Caster-Gold
Limited Craft Essences Included
5★ Limited Craft Essences

Bath icon Petiteicon Postergirlicon Presenticon Grandicon Crimsonlotusicon Streeticon Thumbnail-Mature Gentleman Thumbnail-Peerless Puppeteer KissHandIcon TeacherIcon VersusIcon FoxNightDream GoWest!! DumplingsOverFlowers Light Walk icon Participation of the King icon Pirates Party! icon KnightsOfMarinesicon Miyuicon Praise Me! icon Dangerous Beast icon 387

4★ Limited Craft Essences

Moony icon Arrangementicon Launchicon Marchicon Heroicicon Mikottoicon Kitchenicon Thumbnail-Vivid Dance of Fists Thumbnail-Mystic Eyes of Distortion FourBeastIcon GlassfullIcon NoisyIcon VerseOfBurningLoveStory TrueSamadhiFlames FaithfulDogs Goldfish Scooping icon Twilight Memory icon MeatWarsicon Angelicaicon Legion of Pioneers icon Witch of Moonlit Night icon 388

3★ Limited Craft Essences

Jackoicon Fategudaicon Reindeericon Peacefulnessicon Lawicon Trueshoticon Valentineicon Thumbnail-Sprinter Thumbnail-Repeat Magic SalonMarieIcon PrinceSlayerIcon ReadingSubscriptionList AllThreeForms PheasantReversal Fire Flower icon Shining Goddess icon UnedibleShavedIceofVoid Tanakaicon Howling to the Moonlight icon Count Romani Archiman's Hospitality icon 389

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