Duration: August 4th, 2019 19:00 JST ~ August 18th, 2019 12:59 JST

  • Limited to 1 summon.
  • Guaranteed to obtain one (1) 5★ servant.
  • Costs Saintquartz15 (Premium)
3 Knight Classes (Class-Saber-Gold Class-Archer-Gold Class-Lancer-Gold), Ruler Class-Ruler-Gold, Avenger Class-Avenger-Gold, Moon Cancer Class-MoonCancer-Gold & Foreigner Class-Foreigner-Gold 4 Cavalry Classes (Class-Rider-Gold Class-Caster-Gold Class-Assassin-Gold Class-Berserker-Gold) & Alter-Ego Class-Alterego-Gold
ArthurIcon Okitaicon S213Icon Brideicon S234Icon Musashi icon Ryougisabericon ArtoriaArchericon Ishtar icon Gilicon S216Icon ShinjukuArcherIcon Icon Servant 196 Scathachicon TamamoLancericon Brynicon Amakusaicon S229Icon S173 Edmondicon Jeannealtericon S250Icon S220Icon Icon Servant 195 Icon Servant 198 S179 IvanIcon Iskandaricon S241Icon Illyaprismaicon Scathach-SkadiIcon NeroSummer Merlinicon S237Icon Davinciicon S239Icon Cleopatra icon ShutenIcon Icon Servant 199 Heroinexicon Kinghassanicon S247Icon Sakataicon MHX(Alter)icon HijikataIcon Yorimitsuicon Icon S209 S238Icon KiaraIcon MeltlilithIcon
1 Confirmed Servant among the pool of 25 Limited SSRs. 1 Confirmed Servant among the pool of 25 Limited SSRs.
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