It's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-duel

Release Date : August 1, 2018 ~ JST

Official Website :

Text introduction

F/GO Duel is a Miniature Board Game revolving around Mini Figures and Command Card. Similar to another official F/GO Tabletop game "Fate/Grand Order Summon Pencil Servant", this game also heavily involves "gacha elements" (Heroic Spirit Summoning). Battles using these mini figures will take place on top of a board (battlefield) and players will use Command Card to execute certain attacks.

Game Developed By  : DELiGHTWORKS
Retail Price : 1,200 JPY (excluding tax)
Contents (per box): 1x Servant Mini Figure (random) + 1 Info Card of the Servant, 5x Command Card of the respective servants, and 1 Skill Card of the Servant (Random)

Figure Status Card
The piece that will be representing the servant on the map/tabletop.
Artoria Pendragon 01
Card that displays all of the servant's basic info.
Status Card

1. Rarity
2. Command Card Information
3. Servant Class
4. Servant Name
5. Cost
6. Servant ID

Command Cards Skill Card
A servant always have a set of 5 command cards.
Command Card

1. Power 2. Command Card Type

Only used when playing with Advanced Rules.
Skill Card
The main board/sheet of the game. The zone where the players will position their cards and figures.
Playsheet 01
Playsheet 2

1. Status Card Placement Field
2. Chain Counter
3. Command Deck Zone
4. Trash / Discard Zone
5. Area / Battlefield / The Map
6. Master's Area


Punch-Out Tokens that are provided in the game.

Party Setup
  • Masters are the players.
  • A player must have 3 SERVANTS. (This includes all of the components that comes with the servant)
  • A team of 3 servants is also known as a PARTY.
  • A PARTY has a maximum cost of 11. This means the total cost of all 3 servants cannot exceed 11.
  • A PARTY cannot have 2 or more of the same servant (in terms of Servant ID).
Game Setup
1. Place the 2 playsheet on a table/floor/gaming area.

2. Decide who goes first.
3. Place your status cards on the space marked with the word "STATUS". Then, place your figures on the STARTING POINTS on your side of the map. The arrangement of the Status Card & the Servant Figure must be the same. (according to number)

Prep 01
Prep 02
4. Shuffle your 15 command cards, and then place it on the COMMAND DECK spot of the playsheet.

5. At the start of the game, draw 5 command cards from your COMMAND DECK. This will be your starting hand.

Winning Conditions
  • All of your opponent's servants are eliminated.
  • When one of your servants entered your opponent's Master Area.
  • When your opponent's command card total reaches 4 or lower.

Game Flow
The game is turn-based, and each turn has 4 phases.
Start Phase
Action Phase
Charge Phase
End Phase
Start Phase
Nothing is done in this phase, unless another rule(s) conflicts with this rule.
Action Phase
Stage 1 : Pre-movement Confirmation

1. Choose 1 servant and then pick the direction that you want this servant to move towards. (No movement is done yet.)
2. Then, choose 1 command card from your hand that belongs to the servant you chose to move with, and then place it into the Discard/Trash Pile.

Movement Rules Trash / Discard Pile Placement Guide
Movememnt Rule
Trash Pile Rules
  • A servant can only move to any spot does not contain an allied servant, and also cannot move in your own Master Area.
  • The action phase ends when the players has no command cards that relates to the chosen servant on hand, or has all hand cards placed in the trash/discard pile during that turn.

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