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Duration: November 16th 00:00 - December 13th 19:59 PST


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New Limited Time Craft Essences

  • Event Craft Essences can only be obtained during the specific time frame:
Time Frame Craft Essence
2021-11-16 00:00 - 11-22 19:59 PST A Leisurely Walk
2021-11-22 20:00 - 11-29 19:59 PST Prayer to the Night Sky
2021-11-29 20:00 - 12-06 19:59 PST A Moment of Amuzement
2021-12-06 20:00 - 12-13 19:59 PST A Light Lunch
Craft Essences
CE1321.png ★ ★ ★ ★
A Leisurely Walk

ATK: 100/100
HP: 100/100

  • Mystic Code EXP +50
CE1322.png ★ ★ ★ ★
Prayer to the Night Sky

ATK: 100/100
HP: 100/100

  • Mystic Code EXP +50
CE1323.png ★ ★ ★ ★
A Moment of Amuzement

ATK: 100/100
HP: 100/100

  • Mystic Code EXP +50
CE1324.png ★ ★ ★ ★
A Light Lunch

ATK: 100/100
HP: 100/100

  • Mystic Code EXP +50

New Spiritron Dress


For this campaign, Bedivere will receive a new Spiritron Dress!

Servant Outfit How to Obtain Level Requirement Material Requirements
BedivereCostume01Icon.png Silver Butler Bought in Mana Prism Shop for Mana prism.png1000 Lvl 70/70 Hero's Proof10 Phoenix Plume5 Medal of Great Knight5 Scarab of Wisdom.png5 QPicon.png3M

Double Friend Points

  • Choosing the following Servants as a Support unit during the campaign will reward both the player who chose the Support and the one who put the Servant as Support with double friend points.
  • This also applies to Followers in addition to Friends.
    • NPC Supports do not count towards the bonus friend points.
Mordredicon.png Lancelot Saber icon.png Gawainicon.png Tristanicon.png Arturia lancer icon.png Ozymandiasicon.png Xuanzangicon.png
Davinciicon.png Nitocrisicon.png Bedivereicon.png Hassan of Serenity icon.png Mashuicon.png Arash.png Hassanicon.png

Special Movie Related Quest

  • To commemorate the Blu-ray release of "Fate/Grand Order THE MOVIE Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot Wandering; Agateram", a special quest allowing you to view the opening scene will be available within Chaldea Gate!
  • Enjoy the world of the anime version in-game!
    • It will be necessary to download approximately 535 MB of data. Please make sure your device has enough storage available.

Full Screen Display Enabled for iPhone 12, etc!
  • Full screen display will be newly enabled for "Fate/Grand Order" on iPhone 12 and certain other devices!
  • New devices can enjoy the world of "Fate/Grand Order" in full screen!
    • Please note that certain devices do not have full screen display enabled.
    • Full screen display is still in development for some parts of the game. Please bear with us as we work to add full screen display for all parts of the game.
Return to Interludes Screen After Moving to the Map
  • While it was previously necessary to return to the Interludes screen manually after moving to an Interlude located on the map, the new "Interludes" button will allow you to return directly to the Interludes screen.
Change Saint Graph Ascension Stages While Viewing the Enlarged Saint Graph
  • It will now be possible to change between Ascension stages by swiping left or right on a Servant's Saint Graph even while you are viewing the enlarged display.
  • It will also be possible to view different Ascension stages for Servants with Random Ascension Stage set to "ON".
  • This update will make it easier to view the enlarged Saint Graph at various Ascension stages.
"Previous" Icon Displayed on Last Played Record in the Material
  • A "Prev." icon will be added to the Material, indicating which record you last played back.
The above are the main changes included in the update scheduled for 2021-11-26 PST.