Duration: January 20th 20:00 - January 29th 19:59 PST

  • Exchange period: January 22nd 20:00 - January 29th 19:59 PST
  • Ticket Claiming period: January 20th 20:00 - January 27th 19:59 PST
  • There are 50 different Servants to choose from.
    • You can only exchange for a 4★ Servant if you have cleared Fuyuki.
Class Servants
Class-Saber-Gold Altericon Gawainicon Siegicon Deon Suzuka Neroicon S187 Ramaicon Lancelot Saber icon
Class-Archer-Gold S184 Atalantaicon Emiyaicon EmiyaAlterIconNA Tristanicon
Class-Lancer-Gold Alterlancericon Vlad (Extra) icon Elizaicon Icon Servant 193 Icon Servant 183 Fionnicon Medusalancericon Shuwenicon
Class-Rider-Gold Astolfoicon Anneicon Marieicon Marthaicon
Class-Caster-Gold Helenaicon Icon Servant 192 Gilcastericon Edisonicon Rhymeicon Nitocrisicon Icon Servant 194 Medealilyicon
Class-Assassin-Gold S185 Emiyaassassinicon Carmillaicon S188 ShinjukuAssassinIcon Sthenoicon AssassinofNightlessCity
Class-Berserker-Gold Ibarakiicon BerserkerOfElDoradoIcon Tamamoicon Frankicon Beowulficon Heraclesicon Lanceloticon
Class-Avenger-Gold Gorgonicon HessianLoboIcon

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Distribution Period: January 22nd 20:00 - January 29th 19:59 PST


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