Duration: March 2nd 20:00 PST - March 31st 20:59 PDT

Login Bonus

Requirements: Clear Fuyuki.

Number of Logins Reward
1 CEIcon1146
2 Saintquartz1
3 Saintquartz1
4 Saintquartz2
5 Saintquartz2
6 Saintquartz3
7 Saintquartz3
8 FifthTrueTheoreticalFactorEnvironmentPurposeChaldeaUniformFemaleFifthTrueTheoreticalFactorEnvironmentPurposeChaldeaUniformMale

Animation Update

Merlin will receive new battle animations once the campaign is live.


Event Craft Essence
CE1146 ★ ★ ★ ★

ATK: 100/100
HP: 100/100

  • +50 Master EXP after clearing a quest

New Mystic Code

A new Mystic Code will be available. It is based on the Mystic Code Fujimaru Ritsuka wears in the Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia anime.


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