Title : Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Battlefront : Babylonia -
 (Fate/Grand Order -絶対魔獣戦線バビロニア-?)

Release Date : October 5, 2019
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Anime Summary

Anime adaptation of the 7th Singulariy Babylonia.

Babylonia Anime Poster
Babylonia Anime Key Visual
Babylonia Anime Key Visual Season 2

Opening and Ending

TVアニメ「Fate Grand Order -絶対魔獣戦線バビロニア-」ノンクレジットOP 期間限定公開

TVアニメ「Fate Grand Order -絶対魔獣戦線バビロニア-」ノンクレジットOP 期間限定公開


TVアニメ「Fate Grand Order -絶対魔獣戦線バビロニア-」ノンクレジットED 期間限定公開

TVアニメ「Fate Grand Order -絶対魔獣戦線バビロニア-」ノンクレジットED 期間限定公開

Hoshi ga Furu Yume  (星が降るユメ?) by Eir Aoi

Production Committee

Clover Works
  • Original Story: Nasu Kinoko / TYPE-MOON
  • Lead Character Designer: Takeuchi Takashi
  • Director : Akai Toshifumi (Assistant Director for "Darling in the Franxx", Director for "SHELTER")
  • Assistant Director : Kuroki Misaki ("Idolmaster Side M" Director)
  • Character Design: Takase Toshiaki ("Saekano" Character Design)
  • Music: Haga Keita (KATE) & Kawasaki Ryo (Fate/Grand Order ~First Order~)
  • Studio : Clover Works ("Darling in the Franxx", "PERSONA 5 The Animation")

Original Story Lead Character Designer Director Assistant Director
Nasu Kinoko
Takeuchi Takashi Akai Toshifumi Kuroki Miyuki
Character Design Sub-Character Design Creature Design Prop Design
Takase Toshiaki Iwasaki Masahiro Kouno Megumi Michishita Kouta
Action Director Technical Director Art Setting Art Director
Kouno Megumi &
Ooshima Touya
Miyahara Youhei Shiozawa Yoshinori Usui Hisayo &
Hiranayagi Satoru
Color Design Cinematographer 3DCG 3D Director
Nakashima Kazuko Sakuma Yuuya GEMBA Egawa Hisashi &
Shinozaki Tooru
Editing Music Sound Director Studio
Mishima Akinori Haga Keita (KATE) & Kawasaki Ryo Iwanami Yoshikazu Clover Works

Trailers & Promotional Videos

Episode List

No. Episode Title Episode Description and In-Game Coverage
00 Initium Iter A Special episode which serves as a prologue to the anime series and the story of the game as a whole. It covers Romani Archaman and Mashu Kyrielight background stories.
(Prologue for Fate/Grand Order ~First Order~; In-Game Coverage: None)
01 絶対魔獣戦線バビロニア
Absolute Demonic Battlefront: Babylonia
Chapter 1 to Chapter 2 Arrow 1
02 城塞都市ウルク
Fortress City: Uruk
Chapter 2 Arrow 2 to Start of Chapter 3 Arrow 1
03 王と民
The King and His People
Chapter 3 Arrow 1 to Chapter 4
04 密林の呼び声
Welcome to The Jungle
Chapter 5
05 ギルガメッシュ紀行
Gilgamesh's Journey
Chapter 6
06 天命の粘土板
The Tablet of Destinies
Chapter 7
07 陽動作戦
Diversionary Operation
Chapter 8 to Start of Chapter 9 Arrow 2
08 魔獣母神
The Mother of Demonic Beasts
Chapter 9 Arrow 2 to Chapter 9 Arrow 3
09 おはよう、金星の女神
Good Morning, Goddess of Venus
Chapter 10
10 こんにちは、太陽の女神
Hello, Goddess of the Sun
Chapter 11
11 太陽の神殿
Temple of the Sun
Chapter 12 to Chapter 13 Arrow 2
12 王の死
Death of the King
Chapter 13 Arrow 3 to Chapter 14 Arrow 6
13 さよなら、冥界の女神
Goodbye, Goddess of the Underworld
Chapter 14 Arrow 6 to Chapter 14 Arrow 7
14 决戦
Decisive Battle
Chapter 15 Arrow 1 to Chapter 15 Arrow 5
15 Chapter 15 Arrow 5 to ? ? ?

Character Art

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Countdown Images

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