Duration: November 19th 20:00 - November 29th 19:59 PST


Limited Time Campaign

Daily Quests 1/2 AP Campaign
  • The AP Cost for all Daily Quests; "Ember Gathering," "Training Ground," and "Enter the Treasure Vault" will be 1/2 across all difficulties.

Game Update

New Main Quest Clear Rewards
  • New Quest Clear Rewards will be added for the Main Quests!
  • In addition to the Quest Clear Rewards already available, Skill Enhancement and Ascension Materials will be awarded as you complete each section of the Main Quests.
    • For players who already cleared certain chapters, the rewards will be sent to your present box.
Main Quest Chapter Rewards
Singularity F, Fuyuki Dragon's Reverse Scale5 Dragon Fang5 Void's Refuse5 Unlucky bone.png14
First Singularity, Orleans Assassin piece.png5 Dragon's Reverse Scale3 Heart of a foreign god.png5 Yggdrasil Seed8 Dragon Fang17 Hero's Proof7
Second Singularity, Septem Berserker piece.png5 Talon of chaos.png8 Ghost lantern.png2 Octuplet Twin Crystals15 Unlucky bone.png3 Hero's Proof10
Third Singularity, Okeanos Rider piece.png5 Dragon's Reverse Scale2 Heart of a foreign god.png3 Talon of chaos.png3 Snake jewel.png8 Phoenix Plume5 Seashell of Reminiscence3 Meteoric horseshoe.png5 Ghost lantern.png6
Fourth Singularity, London Lancer piece.png5 Homunculus Baby14 Forbidden Page14 Infinity Gear12
Fifth Singularity, E Pluribus Unum Caster piece.png5 Spiritroot.png8 Dragon's Reverse Scale4 Black Tallow9 Bloodstone Tear8 Horsehorn.png10 Infinity Gear6 Dragon Fang2 Hero's Proof4
Sixth Singularity, Camelot Saber piece.png5 Scarab of Wisdom.png11 Spiritroot.png4 Dragon's Reverse Scale7 Heart of a foreign god.png2 Lamp of Demon Sealing12 Bloodstone Tear2 Medal of Great Knight24 Chains of The Fool.png16
Seventh Singularity, Babylonia Archer piece.png5 Cursed Beast Cholecyst18 Scarab of Wisdom.png2 Heart of a foreign god.png3 Primordial Lanugo12 Snake jewel.png3 Stinger of Certain Death14
Final Singularity, Solomon Cursed Beast Cholecyst5 Scarab of Wisdom.png5 Spiritroot.png5 Dragon's Reverse Scale5 Heart of a foreign god.png5 Phoenix Plume5 Void's Refuse5
Pseudo Singularity 1, Shinjuku Scarab of Wisdom.png5 Spiritroot.png3 Talon of chaos.png8 Forbidden Page3 Infinity Gear4 Magical Cerebrospinal Fluid icon.png16
Pseudo Singularity 2, Agartha Bizarre God Wine.png7 Heart of a foreign god.png2 Black Tallow5 Talon of chaos.png1 Phoenix Plume20
Pseudo Singularity 3, Shimousa Bizarre God Wine.png6 Heart of a foreign god.png5 Kotan Magatama18 Ghost lantern.png8
Pseudo Singularity 4, Salem Heart of a foreign god.png3 Lamp of Demon Sealing5 Yggdrasil Seed3 Iron Stake.png23
Lostbelt No. 1, Anastasia Bizarre God Wine.png6 Permafrost Ice Crystal15 Seashell of Reminiscence10 Meteoric horseshoe.png5 Forbidden Page3 Stimulus Gunpowder10
Lostbelt No. 2, Götterdämmerung Heart of a foreign god.png2 Aurora Steel.png18 Giant's Ring.png16 Yggdrasil Seed11

Mission Reward
Defeat 5 "Wild Beast" enemies
(Recommended Spot: Arc101s.png Orleans - Bordeaux)
CEIcon0930.png Saber piece.png1 Saber monument.png1
Defeat 5 "Earth" enemies
(Recommended Spot: Arc101s.png Orleans - Bordeaux)
CEIcon0930.png Archer piece.png1 Archer monument.png1
Acquire 1 "Gold" item drop through battle
(Recommended Spot: Chaldealogo.png 40 AP Daily Quests)
CEIcon0930.png Lancer piece.png1 Lancer monument.png1
Defeat 3 "Divine" Servants
(Recommended Spot: Arc102s.png Septem - Gaul)
CEIcon0930.png Rider piece.png1 Rider monument.png1
Complete any "Treasure Vault" quests 5 times CEIcon0930.png Caster piece.png1 Caster monument.png1
Complete any "Ember Gathering" quests 5 times CEIcon0930.png Assassin piece.png1 Assassin monument.png1
Complete any Free Quest in the Fifth Singularity CEIcon0930.png Berserker piece.png1 Berserker monument.png1
Complete all [Thanksgiving Special 2020] Master Missions CCIcon0025.png
New Event Reward Craft Essence
CE930.png ★ ★ ★ ★
Boar King

ATK: 0/0
HP: 0/0

  • Provides 30,000 EXP for Craft Essences.
Event Reward Command Code
CC0025.png ★ ★ ★
Demonic Beast of the Forest
  • Inflicts Curse with 500 damage for 3 turns when attacking using the engraved card.

Rate-Up Servants
5★ Musashi icon.png Miyamoto Musashi Limited.png Class-Saber-Gold.png 5★ Ryougisabericon.png Ryōgi Shiki (Saber) Limited.png Class-Saber-Gold.png
5★ Gilicon.png Gilgamesh Limited.png Class-Archer-Gold.png 5★ Ishtar icon.png Ishtar Limited.png Class-Archer-Gold.png
5★ IvanIcon.png Ivan the Terrible Limited.png Class-Rider-Gold.png 5★ Heroinexicon.png Mysterious Heroine X Limited.png Class-Assassin-Gold.png
5★ Sakataicon.png Sakata Kintoki Limited.png Class-Berserker-Gold.png
Date and Time Rate-Up Servants
2020-11-19 20:00 - 11-20 19:59 PST Gilicon.png
2020-11-20 20:00 - 11-21 19:59 PST Sakataicon.png
2020-11-21 20:00 - 11-22 19:59 PST Heroinexicon.png
2020-11-22 20:00 - 11-23 19:59 PST Ryougisabericon.png
2020-11-23 20:00 - 11-24 19:59 PST Ishtar icon.png
2020-11-24 20:00 - 11-25 19:59 PST Musashi icon.png
2020-11-25 20:00 - 11-26 19:59 PST IvanIcon.png
2020-11-26 20:00 - 11-27 19:59 PST Gilicon.png Sakataicon.png
2020-11-27 20:00 - 11-28 19:59 PST Ryougisabericon.png Heroinexicon.png
2020-11-28 20:00 - 11-29 19:59 PST Musashi icon.pngIshtar icon.png IvanIcon.png

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