Event duration: November 22nd 07:00 - December 1st 03:59 UTC

Event period: November 23rd 4:00 - November 26th 3:59 UTC

During the mentioned period, players will get the following login bonuses:

  • 11/23 4:00 - 11/24 3:59 UTC: AllHpUpIcon38 AllAtkUpIcon38 Summon ticket
  • 11/24 4:00 - 11/25 3:59 UTC: Saintquartz12 Summon ticket
  • 11/25 4:00 - 11/26 3:59 UTC: AllExp416 Summon ticket


For a limited time, the following items will be added to "Exchange Mana Prisms" in Da Vinci's Workshop:

Item Trade Limit Cost
Monaicon1 5 Mana prism1000
Grab Bag 2017 - contains the following:
  • Golden fruit8Summon ticket2 AllHpUpIcon34 AllAtkUpIcon34 Friendpoint20,170
1 Mana prism16
Material Grab Bag 2017 - contains the following:
1 Mana prism160


The AP Cost for all Daily Quests "Ember Gathering," "Training Ground," and "Enter the Treasure Vault" will be 1/2 across all difficulties for a limited time!

Event period: November 22nd 07:00 - December 1st 03:59 UTC



As a special celebration, the time limited Scáthach makes her debut! Arriving with her are three new Craft Essences and three other servants with increased draw rates.

Additionally, for the duration of the Summoning Campaign, there will be a different SSR Servant that will have their draw-rate increased on a specific day. The Servants and dates are as follows:

Rate-Up Schedule
Date Rate-Up Servants
Nov-22 7:00 ~ Nov-24 23:59 UTC Scathachicon
Nov-25 0:00 ~ Nov-25 23:59 UTC Sakataicon
Nov-26 0:00 ~ Nov-26 23:59 UTC Gilicon
Nov-27 0:00 ~ Nov-27 23:59 UTC Scathachicon Sakataicon
Nov-28 0:00 ~ Nov-28 23:59 UTC Scathachicon Gilicon
Nov-29 0:00 ~ Dec-01 03:59 UTC Scathachicon Gilicon Sakataicon
Other Rate-Up Servants
Medealilyicon Diarmuidicon Fergusicon
Summoning Campaign Craft Essences
Fragment of year 2030 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Fragments of 2030

ATK: 0/0
HP: 750/3000

  • Gain 8 critical stars each turn
Knight's pride ★ ★ ★ ★
Knight's Pride

ATK: 200/750
HP: 300/1125

  • Increases unit's critical attack damage by 40%
  • Reduces unit's defense by 20% (Demerit)
Dboar ★ ★ ★
Demon Boar

ATK: 200/1000
HP: 0/0

  • Increases performance of unit's Quick cards by 15% for 3 turns


During the pickup period, "Scathach Trial Quest" will be available in Chaldea Gate!
It will be unlocked after clearing "Singularity F: Flame Contaminated City, Fuyuki."

In this limited-time quest, ★5 Scáthach, ★3 Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, and ★3 Fergus mac Róich will be available as Support members!

Clear Rewards:

Shininglancer Secretlancer Magiclancer Summon ticket



There is a new summoning page past the Friend Point summoning that requires 30 paid Saint Quartz for a 10-roll. Quartz that has not been purchased through the in-game store cannot be used for this summoning. This Summoning can only be used once and guarantees at least one 5★ Servant listed below:

Note: Bonus Quartz acquired through purchases is considered free.