Duration: November 30th 20:00 PST - December 25th 23:59 PST



All Masters will be eligible to receive the presents.

  • New Masters must clear “Singularity F: The Flame Contaminated City Fuyuki - Section 3, Part 1” to receive the presents.
  • The first present will be distributed on your first login after 2019-11-30 20:00 PST.
  • One present will be distributed when you log in each day. One day is counted as the period beginning at 20:00 PST and ending at 19:59 PST the next day.
  • In the event that maintenance is held during the campaign period, that day’s present will be distributed beginning at the end of maintenance.
  • The present available will change each day. You must log in on a given day to receive that day’s present.
  • You will still be able to receive further presents even if you do not log in on a certain day.
  • Depending on when you start the game, you may not be able to receive all presents.

Day Reward Day Reward
1 Summon ticket 2 Mana prism50 Friendpoint2,000
3 QPicon1M 4 AllExp45
5 AllAtkUpIcon33 6 AllHpUpIcon33
7 AllExp45 8 Saintquartz3
9 Forbidden page1 10 QPicon2M
11 AllExp45 12 Chains of The Fool2
13 Golden fruit4 14 AllExp45
15 Saintquartz3 16 Chains of The Fool2
17 Voids refuse3 18 Saintquartz3
19 AllExp45 20 Blacktallow1
21 Saintquartz3 22 Saintquartz3
23 Heart of a foreign god1 24 Bizarre God Wine1 QPicon2M
25 Saintquartz15 THE END

Summon ticket Mana prism50 Friendpoint2,000 QPicon5M AllExp425 AllAtkUpIcon33 AllHpUpIcon33 Saintquartz30 Forbidden page1 Chains of The Fool4 Golden fruit4 Voids refuse3 Blacktallow1 Heart of a foreign god1 Bizarre God Wine1


On December 12th, tune in to a special broadcast from Aniplex USA!

Catch "Chaldea Broadcasting Station U.S. Branch Vol. 6" on!


Title: Fate/Grand Order Chaldea Broadcasting Station U.S. Branch Vol. 6

Scheduled Start Date/Time:
2019-12-12 18:00 PST

Pre-launch Campaign

The following Facebook post and Tweet reached the combined goals of 20k likes or shares/retweets, so all players who login the game will receive Saintquartz3


Merry Christmas in the Underworld announced, comes out on December 16th.

Additional livestream reward of Saintquartz10 which brings to a total of Saintquartz13 rewarded for all players.

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