A listing of Fate animation projects announced at the 3rd Anniversary, while some of anime are from new year countdown broadcasts on niconico. For the full list of anime trailers and videos, click here

Logo Title Theme/Focus
First Order Logo II
Fate/Grand Order ~First Order~ Special anime broadcast of the opening act and Singularity Point F - Fuyuki
FGO Moonlight Lostroom
Fate/Grand Order -MOONLIGHT/LOSTROOM- Special anime broadcast that serves as a prologue between the Fate/Grand Order : Cosmos in the Lostbelt Prologue and Christmas 2018.
Manga De Wakaru
Fate/Grand Order ~Learn with Manga~ Special anime broadcast of the Learn with Manga! comic series.
FGO Babylonia
Fate/Grand Order:
Absolute Demonic Battlefront: Babylonia
TV Anime Series of Babylonia
FGO Camelot
Fate/Grand Order -Camelot- The Movie Animated Movie of Camelot, separated into 2 movies.