Duke of Flames was added with the S I N Chapter Release.


Normal Effect
Increases NP damage by 20%.
Overcharges NP by 2 stage for 1 time.
Max Limit Break Effect
Increases NP damage by 25%.
Overcharges NP by 2 stage for 1 time.


Description Translation🛈

いつしか“さらなる力”へと辿り着く者。 背を向けた裏切り者に魔道の尊さは理解できまい。

「Intensive Einäscherung―――」

防御陣の炎は蛇のようにうねり、 堕落した醜態への憐憫すら焼き払う。

Fan Translation: A magus is someone who was born with "power", and thus,
Before one knows it, someone who would reach the "higher power".
A traitor who turned his back on it would not be able to understand the preciousness of magecraft.

"Intensive Einäscherung―――"

The defensive flame undulates like a snake,
burning down the corrupted shameful sight without mercy.

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