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Normal Effect
When equipped on Class-Saber-Gold.png Saber, Increases NP damage by 15%.
Max Limit Break Effect
When equipped on Class-Saber-Gold.png Saber, Increases NP damage by 25%.


Description Translation🛈


世界でも最も名の知れた聖剣たるアーサー王の持つ “約束された勝利の剣”もその一つ。 惑星の魂の置き場とされる星の内海にて結晶化し、 星によって鍛えられた“最後の幻想(ラスト・ファンタズム)”である。

NA Localization: Armaments crafted not by human hands, but by the hands of a god, or some being of equal power.
Many of these are extremely rare, even in the bygone ages of Mystics, and possess great power.

The widely-known sacred sword that King Arthur possessed, Excalibur, the Sword of Promised Victory, is one of them.
Crystalized in the inner sea of the planet where the Earth's soul is kept, it was tempered by the planet, making it truly the "Last Phantasm".

Fan Translation: Refers to armaments made not by human hands, but by things defined as gods, or comparable existences.

Even in the age when mystery remained pronounced, many of these were very extraordinary and held tremendous power.

The world's most famous holy sword, King Arthur's "Sword of Promised Victory", is also one of them.

Crystallized in the place regarded as the soul of the planet, the inner sea of the planet, it is a "Last Phantasm" forged by the planet.

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