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NemoParfaitsNotice.png This is a Shop Craft Essence. It can only be obtained by purchasing in Da Vinci's Workshop. This Craft Essence cannot be summoned.

Detective Fou-mes was added to the Da Vinci's Workshop on August 4, 2019.
Each Detective Fou-mes CE costs

Mana prism.png1000

It was later be added back to Da Vinci's Workshop on the 22M Downloads Campaign

It can be unlocked with

Rare prism.png1


Normal Effect
Increases QP gained by 1%.
Increases Bond points gained by 1%.
Max Limit Break Effect
Increases QP gained by 5%.
Increases Bond points gained by 5%.


Description Translation🛈





NA Localization: A piercing, intelligent gaze can seem to see through everything. They speak quietly and calmly, but talk a lot.

They state: all the evidence has been collected.
They demand: confess your crimes.
They reveal: this is no longer a game of deduction, as the answer is already clear.

Foafou, fooou."

Yet, how sad...
Its brilliant deductions are rarely communicated to others.

Fan Translation: Those eyes that filled with intelligence seemingly able to see through everything are
Quiet and calm, but addressing a lot things.

That "He has already gathered the evidence."
That "Come on now, admit it."
That "This is no longer deducting, but "verifying the answer"."

Fou Fou. Fouu"

But, it is kind of sad, isn't it?
The chance of this brilliant deduction reaching his partner is almost non.

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