Demonic Bodhisattva was added in the Babylonia Chapter Release.


Normal Effect
Starts battle with 50% NP gauge.
Overcharges NP by 2 stage for 1 time.
Max Limit Break Effect
Starts battle with 60% NP gauge.
Overcharges NP by 2 stage for 1 time.


Description Translation🛈


乳飲み子に語りかけるよう女は言った。 人類とはみな未熟な獣。 欲を食べ、欲に溺れ、欲に溶ける泡沫の実。 となれば誰が、この巨大な愛を、無量の愛を拒めよう。

大悟も解脱もその指一つで随喜自在。 行き着く先は殺生院、斯くの如き天上楽土。

『ああ、なんて愛おしい―――  私を求める為だけに果てる、七十億の命たち』

その魔性は溺れるような官能を囁く。 天体を手に、乳飲み子を抱くように。

NA Localization: Let me tell you the story of a woman.

"Oh, you are so lovely..."

Says the woman, as if speaking to a baby at her breast. Humanity is nothing but young beasts. Ephemeral fruit that devour their desires, and melt in them, drown in them.
So who could deny this great and infinite love?

Enlightenment and Nirvana are hers to command. Your final destination is the paradise that is Sessyoin.

"Oh, how lovely... Seven billions lives meeting their end, simply to find me."

Her whispers drowning you in lust, she cradles the globe in her hand, as if cradling a baby at her breast.

Fan Translation: Let me tell you the story of a woman.

"Aah, how lovely----"

Said by a woman with a child in her arms. Humanity are nothing but immature beasts. They feed on greed, drowning on greed, and their greed thawing upon the ephemerial reality. What if someone, someone who has a huge love have their immeasurable love gets rejected?

She happily attained enlightenment and emancipation on each of her own fingers. She, Sessyoin have reached ahead of Heaven and Paradise.

『Aah, how lovely---- Dying just longing for me, these 7 billion people』

Such devilish whispers that drowns on carnality. In the hands of her Celestial Body, helds the baby.

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