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Demon God Flauros

Japanese Name: 魔神フラウロス
Class(es): Class-Unknown-Gold.png Class-Lancer-Gold.png Attribute: Sky
Rank: Gold Gender: Unknown
Charges: ?? Actions: 3
Traits: Super Large
Instapowerup.png Death Rate: 0.2% (Septem) / 0% (Salomon)
Critchnup.png Crit Chance: 20% (Septem) / 10% (Salomon)
Hitcountup.png Hits: ??
Areas: Main Quest: Septem, Salomon
Drops: Void's Refuse Heart of a foreign god.png

Demon God Flauros is the penultimate boss of the Septem chapter of the Main Story, the very first Demon God Pillar that the player will encounter in the Main Story, and the 2nd Pillar in Salomon chapter.



Flauros's normal attacks hit all party members.


Skill Name Skill Effect
Gaze (Septem's Flauros) Burn.png Inflicts Burn (700 HP) status to one enemy.

Defensedown.png Reduce an enemy's Defense for 3 turns.

Red Eye Attackup.png Increase own Attack for 3 turns.
Cross Eye Defensedown.png Reduce an enemy's Defense for 3 turns.
Time for the Awakening has Come Nppowerup.png Increase NP damage by 50% for 10 turns.
NpCharge.png Increase NP charge by 1.


Incineration Ceremony : Flauros

  • Powerup.png 400% damage to all enemies.
  • NpChargeDrain.png Reduces NP gauge of all enemies by 10%.


  • Flauros's attacks are strong against Knight Classes (Saber, Lancer, Archer).
  • Flauros is weak to the Four Horsemen Classes (Rider, Caster, Assassin, Berserker).
  • Flauros deals and takes normal damage from Extra Classes.
  • Flauros deals half damage to Avengers.

Recommended Servants

Traits Servants with Special Damage
Super Large ArthurIcon.pngpx Icon Servant 200.pngpx S296Icon.pngpx
Attributes Servants with Special Damage
Sky Brideicon.pngpx S250Icon.pngpx S281Icon.pngpx
Guide px Active Skills, px Noble Phantasm, Dragontrait.png Add Trait
For other effects see status effects.