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This is a Limited Craft Essence Limited
It is only available during special summoning campaigns. When no such campaigns are active, this Craft Essence cannot be summoned.
Craft Essence
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Dangerous Beast

Original Name: デンジャラス・ビースト
ID: 344 Illustrator: ReDrop
ATK:ATK: 500/2000 HP:HP: 0/0
Cost: 12 Max Level: 100
Quickup Normal Effect
Quickupstatus Increases Quick performance by 15%.
Stargainturn Gains 3 critical stars every turn.
Max Limit Break Effect
Quickupstatus Increases Quick performance by 20%.
Stargainturn Gains 4 critical stars every turn.

Event Bonus

Event Non Limit Break Max Limit Break
Halloween 2016 Event Gold Sack Drop +1 Gold Sack Drop +2
Halloween 2016 Event Rerun


Description Translation🛈🛈


(なにかってまずお腹がいいよね。お腹。普段のマシュよりちょっと余分に脂肪がついているだろう? お団子の食べ過ぎを止めなかったボクの采配にキミたちは心の底から敬意を払うべきだよ。胸部の破壊力に関しては何を今さら、という話さ。ボクは十分に承知していたからね。でもちょっと、毛変わりするぐらい驚いた。マシュは着やせするタイプなんだ……危険だね。とても危険だ。全体的なカラーはボクの好みからはちょっと外れるけど、紫という色が持つ魅力はハロウィンの夜に相応しい。高貴かつ淫靡かつ無垢。もうこれは彼女専用のエクストラクラスを作るべきではないだろうか?)

NA Localization: It's said that on Halloween night, a terrifying wolf-girl stalks the halls of Chaldea.
Oh, truly a dangerous beast...!

"By the way, what's your opinion, Fou?"
"Fou. Foufoufoufoufou."
(First, her belly's great. She's got a little more fat than usual, right? You should give me mad respect for not stopping her from eating too many dumplings. I have no comment about the destructive power of her breasts at this point. I was well aware of it already. But I was so surprised that my coat changed. Mash looks bustier when she's not wearing a shirt...
It's dangerous. Very dangerous. The overall color scheme isn't quite my thing, but purple is the perfect color for Halloween. It's noble, innocent, and lewd. Maybe we should make an extra class just for her, you know?)
"Hmm, I understand what you're saying, but I don't understand the way you think at all!"

Fan Translation: It is said that "on the evening of Halloween, even the interior of Chaldea would witness the rise of werewolves.
Oh-ho, this is what one would call "Dangerous Beast..."

"By the way, Monsieur Fou, what is your feeling to this?"
"Fou. Fou, foufou. Fou! Foufoufou..."
(If you have to ask, then I'd answer that her belly is great. Emm. Belly. There is a bit more lipid than Mashu would normally allow, isn't it? You should all wholeheartedly praise my brilliant strategy of not hindering her from eating more dumplings. As to the destructive power of her Oppai... Well, what could be put to word now, Em? I have profoundly understood that power, but, still, I am so shocked that my fur changed its colour. So, that's why... Mashu looks much thinner when she's dressed... It's dangerous. It is Dangerous. Although the whole tinge deviates slightly from my own personal preferences, but this shade of purple has just the attraction that fits the Halloween theme. Noble, yet lustful, yet innocent... This is enough to create a whole new class of servant just for her, don't you think?)
"Em... Although I vaguely know what you are talking about, I can not understand your point at all!"

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