All of the chocolate Craft Essences are at Lvl 80/80 with MAX Limit Break. You can only buy the chocolate CEs of the servants that you own. Each costs 150 coin of the class of that particular servant (Valentine 2016 Event, Valentine 2016 Event Re-Run), or either Lock-On-Choco1 or Suprise-Choco1 (From Valentine 2018 onward). Mash's Chaldea Standard, Stranger Almond, and Tropical Memoria is not purchased but instead is a quest reward unlocked from completing all Main Quests of Valentine 2016 Event, Valentine 2018, and Valentine 2020 respectively.
  • Every card provides 30,000 Craft Essence experience.
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CE Icon Skill Icon Craft Essence Name Servant ID
Chaldeastandardicon Christmasgift Chaldea Standard Mashuicon 113
Crownsabericon Christmasgift Crown Saber ArtoriaPendragonIcon 114
Crownsabermorganicon Christmasgift Crown Saber Morgan Altericon 115
Farmchocolateicon Christmasgift Ranch Chocolate Lilyicon 116
Imperialchocolateicon Christmasgift Imperial Chocolate Neroicon 117
Enroberphotonicon Christmasgift Enrober Photon Attilaicon 118
Maximdechevaliericon Christmasgift Maxim de Chevalier Deon 119
Victoryroseicon Christmasgift Victory Rose Boudicaicon 120
Zigzagbridgechocolateicon Christmasgift Yatsuhashi Chocolate Okitaicon 121
Starberryandthundercrunchchocolateicon Christmasgift Strawberry and Thunder Crunch Chocolate Mordredicon 122
Breezeofmayicon Christmasgift May Breeze Brideicon 123
Applearrowchocolateicon Christmasgift Apple Arrow Chocolate Atalantaicon 124
Snakechocolatepropericon Christmasgift Snake Chocolate (Low Effort) Euryale 125
Helpicon Christmasgift HELP OrioniconArtemis 126
Inevitablechocolateicon Christmasgift Inevitable Chocolate Odaicon 127
Octooctomaidenicon Christmasgift Octo Octo Maiden Elizaicon 128
Bitterpitchblackicon Christmasgift Bitter Pitch Black Scathachicon 129
Worldsendswhiteicon Christmasgift World's End White Alterlancericon 130
Frozenintellectchocolateicon Christmasgift Crystallized Wisdom Chocolate Brynicon 131
Brandchocolateicon Christmasgift Brand Chocolate Medusaicon 132
Famedlightgreenswordchocolateflavoricon Christmasgift Choco-Flavored Usumidori Ushiwaicon 133
Royalwhitesteedicon Christmasgift Royal White Steed Marieicon 134
Homemadecookiedandobjectxicon Christmasgift Homemade Cookies and Object X Marthaicon 135
Mugbonbonicon Christmasgift Mug Bonbon Drakeicon 136
Treasurechocolateicon Christmasgift Treasure Chocolate Anneicon 137
Christmasmemoriesicon Christmasgift Christmas Memories Santaaltericon 138
Merrymerryicon Christmasgift Merry ☆ Merry Medeaicon 139
Pumpkinmaidenicon Christmasgift Pumpkin Maiden Elizhallowicon 140
Chocolatjewelicon Christmasgift Chocolat Jewel Medealilyicon 141
Confectionaryboxoftheimperialcourticon Christmasgift Confectionary Box of the Imperial Court Tamamocastericon 142
Powdersugarsnowtaleicon Christmasgift Powder Sugar Snow Tale Rhymeicon 143
Snakechocolatewithloveicon Christmasgift Snake Chocolate (with Love) Sthenoicon 144
Knifechocolatebittericon Christmasgift Knife Chocolate Bitter Jingkeicon 145
Fromjavawithloveicon Christmasgift Knife Chocolate Bitter Matahariicon 146
Bloodrubychocolateicon Christmasgift Blood Ruby Chocolate Carmillaicon 147
Tomomicon Christmasgift To Mom Jackicon 148
Dustallionchocolateicon Christmasgift Du Stallion Chocolate Heroinexicon 149
Kiyohimeinribbonsicon Christmasgift Kiyohime in Ribbons Kiyohimeicon 150
Wonderfullifeicon Christmasgift Wonderful Life Tamamoicon 151
Hexagonchocobolticon Christmasgift Hexagon Chocobolt Frankicon 152
Storleansicon Christmasgift St. Orleans Jeanneicon 153
ChocoBentoIcon Christmasgift High Class Wagashi Ryougisabericon 430
DangoandnoodlesIcon Christmasgift Special Dango Musashi icon 431
ChocodragonjewelIcon Christmasgift Legendary Orb Choco Eliz Brave icon 437
ParfaitIcon Christmasgift Blue Sky Vanilla Mt. ArtoriaArchericon 446
SaltyseachocoheartIcon Christmasgift Just an Ordinary (?) Chocolate Anne&MaryArchericon 450
WhitchocoheartsinbagIcon Christmasgift Return Me with a Kiss Kuroicon 451
ChocogemsIcon Christmasgift Jewel-Cut Stars Ishtar icon 447
ChococastleIcon Christmasgift World End Castle Arturia lancer icon 459
TamamoparasoldrinkIcon Christmasgift Chocolate Driver TamamoLancericon 460
LovepotionchocosIcon Christmasgift Chocolate Without Anything Dangerous KiyohimeLancericon 465
RoughchocoheartsandstarsICon Christmasgift Heart Choco Bitter Bitter Bitter Jalter Lily Icon 467
RedflowerIcon Christmasgift Red Flower EnkiduiconFemale 462
MinidusasnakechocoIcon Christmasgift Egg Choco Medusalancericon 468
ChocobeansIcon Christmasgift Cocoa Beans Jaguarmanicon 474
ChocobunniesIcon Christmasgift Cute Rabbit Choco AstolfoiconFemale 482
MedbpotionIcon Christmasgift Honey Choco with Medb-chan's Stamp Medbicon 477
StrawberrypockyIcon Christmasgift S Thunder Crunch Choco Sticks MordredRidericon 484
SpicyhotchocoIcon Christmasgift Liberación Xocolatl Quetzicon 480
ChocoUFOIcon Christmasgift UFO Helenaicon 494
IllyaandkiritsuchococakeIcon Christmasgift Mama's Trump Card Irisvielicon 496
PinkpeachdessertIcon Christmasgift Pan Tao Peach Compote Xuanzangicon 489
ChocopyramidsIcon Christmasgift Blessings of the Nile Nitocrisicon 497
AnatomychocoIcon Christmasgift Flawless Chocolate DavinciiconMona Lisa
Da Vinci-chan
ShavediceIcon Christmasgift Montblanc au Chocolat MarieCastericon 498
CharamelchocoinbagIcon Christmasgift Handmade Chocolate of Affection Illyaprismaicon 492
HeatoflifelinesIcon Christmasgift Crimson and White Choco Ryougiassassinicon 511
HassansoncandybagIcon Christmasgift Bag of 100 Pieces of Chocolate Hassanhundredicon 516
BallbonbonsIcon Christmasgift Nectar Bonbon ShutenIcon 509
HassanblackpuddingIcon Christmasgift Black Black Kiss Hassan of Serenity icon 518
ScatlovewineIcon Christmasgift Bitter Taste Summer ScathachAssassinicon 513
GoldsnakewithfruitIcon Christmasgift Super Nile Flowers Cleopatra icon 514
ChocolatesupplypackageIcon Christmasgift First-Aid Kit Nightingaleicon 525
EatenchocobarandmacronsIcon Christmasgift Sweet Things Ibarakiicon 532
LeafedsnackwithgreenteaandfanIcon Christmasgift Finest Genji Kashiwamochi Yorimitsuicon 527
SpacebuxhotchocoImage Christmasgift Mysterious Hot Cocoa X MHX(Alter)icon 528
HotmilkchocoIcon Christmasgift Saintess' Tranquility MarthaRulericon 540
JalterchocofaceIcon Christmasgift Self-Destruct Choco with Massive Explosion Jeannealtericon 542
ChocoeggsIcon Christmasgift Egg Choco (Duplicates) Gorgonicon 543
Icon CE 0724 Christmasgift Nichirin Oshiruko ChachaIcon 724
Icon CE 0725 Christmasgift Sugar-Coaxed Tale CasterofNightlessCity 725
Icon CE 0726 Christmasgift Imperial Chocolate Vase AssassinofNightlessCity 726
Icon CE 0727 Christmasgift Chunk of Chocolate with Growing Thorns BerserkerOfElDoradoIcon 727
Icon CE 0729 Christmasgift Melty Heart MeltlilithIcon 729
Icon CE 0730 Christmasgift Sessyoin's First-Class Ohagi KiaraIcon 730
Icon CE 0731 Christmasgift P Pudding à la Mode PassionLipIcon 731
Icon CE 0732 Christmasgift Sweet Devil Slot BBicon 732
Icon CE 0733 Christmasgift Premium Snack Suzuka 733
Icon CE 0735 Christmasgift My Favourite Pancake PaulBunyanicon 735
Icon CE 0736 Christmasgift Ultra-Beautiful Empress Choco NeroSummer 736
Icon CE 0737 Christmasgift Ishtar's Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile Rice Cakes IshtarSummer 737
Icon CE 0738 Christmasgift Heroic Spirit Chocolate Sticks S180 738
Icon CE 0739 Christmasgift Steam Electrical Choco FranSummer 739
Icon CE 0740 Christmasgift Cool-Mint Chocolate Bullet S179 740
Icon CE 0741 Christmasgift Burning Inevitable Chocolate NobuSummer 741
Icon CE 0742 Christmasgift Best Student Choco-Tart S181 742
Icon CE 0743 Christmasgift Chocolettes NitoSummer 743
Icon CE 0745 Christmasgift Manjū from Fūma Confectionery・Revised S188 745
Icon CE 0746 Christmasgift Western-Styled Zenzai S185 746
Icon CE 0747 Christmasgift Broiled Sweet Chestnut Chocolate S184 747
Icon CE 0749 Christmasgift Chocolate Nandi (1/1 Scale) Icon Servant 183 749
Icon CE 0750 Christmasgift Is It Bad to be Normal? Icon Servant 189 750
Icon CE 0751 Christmasgift Receiver Icon Servant 190 751
Icon CE 0752 Christmasgift Seatbelt Icon Servant 191 752
Icon CE 0753 Christmasgift Chocolate Key Icon Servant 195 753
Icon CE 0754 Christmasgift Pink Piglet Icon Servant 192 754
Icon CE 0755 Christmasgift Bittersweet, Temperance and Lies Icon Servant 194 755
Icon CE 0756 Christmasgift How Many Lotus Lovers Out There? Icon Servant 193 756
Icon CE 0757 Christmasgift Holy Night White Cake Icon Servant 197 757
Icon CE 0758 Christmasgift Sweet Home of Kur Icon Servant 196 758
Icon CE 0759 Christmasgift Choco-Choco Octopus (I Guess)? Icon Servant 198 759
Icon CE 0760 Christmasgift Chocolates of Perfidy Icon Servant 199 760
Icon CE 0761 Christmasgift Stranger Almond MashuIconSR 761
CEIcon0949 Christmasgift Rainy Bridge Icon Servant 200 949
CEIcon0950 Christmasgift Viy (Standalone) AnastasiaIcon 950
CEIcon0951 Christmasgift Headlong Rush Chocolate AtalantaAlterIcon 951
CEIcon0958 Christmasgift Oden Chocolate Icon S209 958
CEIcon0963 Christmasgift Amethyst Candy S214Icon 963
CEIcon0964 Christmasgift Ice Candy Scathach-SkadiIcon 964
CEIcon0965 Christmasgift White Dolphin Dream S216Icon 965
CEIcon0966 Christmasgift Cotton Candy S217Icon 966
CEIcon0967 Christmasgift Mt. Kurama's Delicacy: Aralia-shaped Manjuu S218Icon 967
CEIcon0968 Christmasgift Knoten Herz Schokolade S219Icon 968
CEIcon0969 Christmasgift Master in The Chocolate S220Icon 969
CEIcon0970 Christmasgift Dark Chocolate with Medb-chan Crest S221Icon 970
CEIcon0971 Christmasgift Nebula Sweet S222Icon 971
CEIcon0973 Christmasgift Snow-Viewing White Chocolate S224Icon 973
CEIcon0974 Christmasgift Gohou Shoujo Chocolate S225Icon 974
CEIcon0977 Christmasgift Panda S228Icon 977
CEIcon0978 Christmasgift Elixir of Immortality S229Icon 978
CEIcon0980 Christmasgift Up-to-Date Gifted Confectionery S230Icon 980
CEIcon0982 Christmasgift Hippo-chan S232Icon 982
CEIcon0983 Christmasgift Campana de Lucha Libre Chocorata S233Icon 983
CEIcon0984 Christmasgift Sweet-Toothed Sparrow's Wansanbon S234Icon 984
CEIcon0986 Christmasgift Maiden's Chocolate Triple-Served S236Icon 986
CEIcon0987 Christmasgift Picture Scroll Chocolate S237Icon 987
CEIcon1155 Christmasgift Grand Chocolate S238Icon 1155
CEIcon1156 Christmasgift Affectionate (Sneer) Choco S239Icon 1156
CEIcon1157 Christmasgift Mercury Choco S241Icon 1557
CEIcon1158 Christmasgift Stars and Wine Chocolate S242Icon 1158
CEIcon1159 Christmasgift Fudge S243Icon 1159
CEIcon1160 Christmasgift Premier Chocolate Cake S244Icon 1160
CEIcon1161 Christmasgift Embodiment of Good Luck S245Icon 1161
CEIcon1166 Christmasgift Dried Persimmons S250Icon 1166
CEIcon1169 Christmasgift Bishamonten Choco S252Icon 1169
CEIcon1170 Christmasgift Chaldea New Order S253Icon 1170
CEIcon1173 Christmasgift Choco Cupcake S256Icon 1173
CEIcon1176 Christmasgift Present for My Beloved Darling (You) S259Icon 1176
CEIcon1177 Christmasgift From Salome, To You S260Icon 1177
CEIcon1178 Christmasgift Parfait Demon Sword Buster S261Icon 1178
CEIcon1179 Christmasgift Wagashi-Styled Choco + Letters S262Icon 1179
CEIcon1180 Christmasgift Absolutely Not Stolen For You Choco S263Icon 1180
CEIcon1181 Christmasgift Choco Choco Octopus Netsuke S264Icon 1181
CEIcon1182 Christmasgift Chocolate Cake Bunny White S265Icon 1182
CEIcon1183 Christmasgift Bluebird Jelly Ice S266Icon 1183
CEIcon1184 Christmasgift Jet Choco Yōkan​ S267Icon 1184
CEIcon1185 Christmasgift Space Diorama Choco S268Icon 1185
CEIcon1186 Christmasgift SCB (Space Chocolate Bar) S269Icon 1186
CEIcon1188 Christmasgift Springy Kagami Mochi Choco S270Icon 1188
CEIcon1189 Christmasgift Chocolate-Flavoured Ampoule S271Icon 1189
CEIcon1192 Christmasgift Homemade Brownies and Hot-Milk S274Icon 1192
CEIcon1193 Christmasgift Hua Qing Palace Confectionery Hot Springs Mantou S275Icon 1193
CEIcon1194 Christmasgift Ito's Sweets S276Icon 1194
CEIcon1195 Christmasgift Tropical Memoria MashuIconSR 1195

CE Icon Skill Icon Craft Essence Name Servant ID
InstantdragonkitIcon Christmasgift You can be a Dragon Too! Set Siegicon 432
RoastedmarshmellowsIcon Christmasgift A Little Fun with You Deon 433
SitaBananaIcon Christmasgift Bananas (Gifted by Hanuman) Ramaicon 434
PurplehopeflowerIcon Christmasgift O Noble Flower of Hope Lancelot Saber icon 435
BeautykitIcon Christmasgift The Ally of Skin Gawainicon 436
RomanbanquetIcon Christmasgift Caesar-styled Cena Caesaricon 438
JeanneFanClubSetIcon Christmasgift Jeanne Fan Club Set Gillesicon 439
FancydrinksIcon Christmasgift There's Already a Room for Me. Fergusicon 440
DeliciouslookingcookiesIcon Christmasgift Silver Box Bedivereicon 441
BaublebraceletIcon Christmasgift Lapis Lazuli Bracelet Gilicon 442
OriondrumsIcon Christmasgift Konbũ (BBQ Flavour) OrioniconOrion 443
GloriousteslacookiesIcon Christmasgift Alternate Current-Style Lightning Cookies Teslaicon 444
FancyflowerwandIcon Christmasgift An Arrow Towards Karna Arjunaicon 445
EmiyacookingequipmentIcon Christmasgift You can Still Learn Housework Starting Now Set Emiyaicon 448
SilvercoinsIcon Christmasgift Nameless Souvenir Coins Robinicon 452
TastydipsauceIcon Christmasgift Chickpea Paste and… Arash 457
WhitechocoheadsIcon Christmasgift Love to Abishag Davidicon 453
KidgilticketsIcon Christmasgift Exciting Splash VIP Ticket Kogilicon 454
SilvercrossbulletIcon Christmasgift Silver Bullet Billyicon 455
BestOfTristanIcon Christmasgift Best Of Tristan Tristanicon 449
FishinwoodenbucketIcon Christmasgift Until We Reach the Ultimate Tastiness Toudaicon 456
ChococigarIcon Christmasgift Runestone Choco Cuicon 469
ValentinescrollIcon Christmasgift Blank Temple Solicitation Book (with Benkei’s Autograph) Mashibouicon 475
EntangledspearheadIcon Christmasgift Vestiges of Year 1999 Cuprotoicon 470
IronmarshmellowsIcon Christmasgift Iron Marshmallows Leonidasicon 476
ColluseumincityIcon Christmasgift Pax Romana Romulusicon 471
TinyhorseIcon Christmasgift Trojan Horse (Palm-Sized) Hectoricon 472
WhiteboqueteIcon Christmasgift White Roses of Gratitude Diarmuidicon 473
KarnaearringsIcon Christmasgift Sunset Earrings Karnaicon 458
SplashingfishIcon Christmasgift DHA Fionnicon 463
TeawithbutterbiscuitIcon Christmasgift Tie Guan Yin Tea (?) Shuwenicon 464
HamburgerIcon Christmasgift Carnival Vlad (Extra) icon 466
WhiteflowerIcon Christmasgift White Flower EnkiduiconMale 461
FGOBraceletIcon Christmasgift Mane of Bayard Georgeicon 486
BunchofbooksIcon Christmasgift Secret Stash Treasure Album Edwardicon 487
GreekcertificateIcon Christmasgift Reading Ilias Alexandericon 485
AstolfogriffonplushieIcon Christmasgift Hippogriff Plushie (1/1) AstolfoiconMale 481
GoldengobletIcon Christmasgift Hero's Cup Iskandaricon 478
MinisphynxesIcon Christmasgift Sphinx Aurard Ozymandiasicon 479
MechabeltIcon Christmasgift Rider Belt Replica Kintokiridericon 483
CigarandwineIcon Christmasgift Cigar & Wine WavericonLord El-Melloi II 488
ToycatcarIcon Christmasgift Baast-Nyan Model X DavinciiconLeonardo Da Vinci 490
FouplushieIcon Christmasgift Fou-kun Puppet Merlinicon 493
EdisoncookiesIcon Christmasgift Direct Current-Style Grateful Cookies Edisonicon 495
UrukpalaceboatdateIcon Christmasgift Mūšu Purattu Gilcastericon 499
GillestoyIcon Christmasgift Gilles-kun Doll Gilles2icon 500
SpiderclockIcon Christmasgift Ticking-kun Mephisicon 501
CucasterstaffIcon Christmasgift Druid's Staff Cucastericon 502
TeawithBiscuitsIcon Christmasgift Someday, I can see the Illusion Paracelsusicon 503
PilesofbooksIcon Christmasgift Everything Originates From Mathematics Babbageicon 504
LeatherbootsIcon Christmasgift Geronimo-styled Moccasins Geronimoicon 505
BirdmouseIcon Christmasgift A Bluebird-Like Computer Mouse Hansicon 506
FlowerdecoratedscrollIcon Christmasgift 155th Sonnet Shakespeareicon 507
Pianowith12buttonsIcon Christmasgift Toy Piano Mozarticon 508
EveningmountainviewIcon Christmasgift Full Moon Sasakiicon 522
CrossribbonfoldedclothIcon Christmasgift Multi-Purpose Cloth Hassan Hassanicon 519
TwoearedcupIcon Christmasgift Sanson's Nutritious Chocolate Drink Sansonicon 520
MaskinboxIcon Christmasgift White Deathmask Phantomicon 521
OnigiriwithgreenteaIcon Christmasgift Handmade Riceball Jekyllicon 515
GunwithbulletsIcon Christmasgift Gun and Bullets Emiyaassassinicon 512
ChocobunsIcon Christmasgift Manjū from Fūma Confectionery Kotarouicon 517
KinghassaninsenceIcon Christmasgift Al-Bukhour Kinghassanicon 510
BoarhoodIcon Christmasgift Wild Boar Prized Headgear Heraclesicon 529
CorruptedswordIcon Christmasgift Someone's Sword Lanceloticon 530
GoldenornamentinboxIcon Christmasgift Celebration Decorations Lubuicon 533
WoodenschackleblockIcon Christmasgift The First Step to Rebellion Spartacusicon 537
GoldensnackstachIcon Christmasgift Golden Gold Set Sakataicon 523
LambplushieIcon Christmasgift Scapegoat Vladicon 524
AsteriossmapIcon Christmasgift Labyrinth Map Asteriosicon 538
UmubustIcon Christmasgift Si Vales, Valeo Caligulaicon 535
GoldarmoredelephantIcon Christmasgift Fil Gaugamela Dariusicon 534
EricssuperseriousletterIcon Christmasgift A Letter of Appreciation From Her Ericicon 536
DragonsteakwithsidesIcon Christmasgift Sweden Firedrake Char-Grilled Sirloin Beowulficon 531
CualterplushieIcon Christmasgift Mini Cu-chan Plushie CuAltericon 526
BestpriestcookiesIcon Christmasgift Church-Styled Handmade Cookies Amakusaicon 539
CoffeewithsuguarandmilkIcon Christmasgift Freshly Brewed Coffee Edmondicon 541
SpiralingmantleIcon Christmasgift Devil's Bandana Angraicon 544
Icon CE 0718 Christmasgift Wicked Scriptures ShinjukuArcherIcon 718
Icon CE 0719 Christmasgift Save Wire EmiyaAlterIcon 719
Icon CE 0720 Christmasgift Advance Apace HessianLoboIcon 720
Icon CE 0721 Christmasgift Meteoric Iron Folding Fan ShinjukuAssassinIcon 721
Icon CE 0722 Christmasgift Macaroni au Gratin​ ArthurIcon 722
Icon CE 0723 Christmasgift Vice-Commander's Carefully Made Powder Medicine HijikataIcon 723
Icon CE 0728 Christmasgift Standing Hard-Boiled Eggs ColumbusIcon 728
Icon CE 0734 Christmasgift A Study in Scarlet S173 734
Icon CE 0744 Christmasgift Buddhist Cuisine S186 744
Icon CE 0748 Christmasgift Antiquated Maple Bridge S187 748
CEIcon0952 Christmasgift Chocolate-style Mini Golem AvicebronIcon 952
CEIcon0953 Christmasgift Reading a Book with my Beloved Son IvanIcon 953
CEIcon0954 Christmasgift Jet Black Conductor's Baton AntonioIcon 954
CEIcon0955 Christmasgift Xanthos AchillesIcon 955
CEIcon0956 Christmasgift Primary-Grade Conferment ChironIcon 956
CEIcon0957 Christmasgift Bedside Fafnir SiegIcon 957
CEIcon0959 Christmasgift Pocket Watch & Frog Chocolate Icon S211 959
CEIcon0960 Christmasgift Cotton Muffler Icon S210 960
CEIcon0961 Christmasgift Military Rations (Canned) S212Icon 961
CEIcon0962 Christmasgift Glasses S213Icon 962
CEIcon0972 Christmasgift A Fruit from Emain Ablach S223Icon 972
CEIcon0975 Christmasgift Xiang Yu's Sword S226Icon 975
CEIcon0976 Christmasgift Beauty-Concealing Mask S227Icon 976
CEIcon0979 Christmasgift Chalcedony Chocolate S229Icon 979
CEIcon0981 Christmasgift Supreme Carrots S231Icon 981
CEIcon0985 Christmasgift Wooden Sword S235Icon 985
CEIcon1162 Christmasgift Beginner-Use Hunting Set S246Icon 1162
CEIcon1163 Christmasgift An Ordinary Miraculous Stone S247Icon 1163
CEIcon1164 Christmasgift Late Night Chat S248Icon 1164
CEIcon1165 Christmasgift Medical-Use Choco S249Icon 1165
CEIcon1167 Christmasgift Fool's Gourd DemonKingNobunagaStage2Icon 1167
CEIcon1168 Christmasgift A Short Rest with Tea Preparation S251Icon 1168
CEIcon1171 Christmasgift Miniature Argo S254Icon 1171
CEIcon1172 Christmasgift Apollo Figure S255Icon 1172
CEIcon1174 Christmasgift Peek-a-Bang Wigs S257Icon 1174
CEIcon1175 Christmasgift Xia Dynasty's Universal Fountain Pen & Wooden Writing Strips S258Icon 1175
CEIcon1187 Christmasgift Bunny Ears S270Icon 1187
CEIcon1190 Christmasgift Tri-Star Belt (Handmade) S272Icon 1190
CEIcon1191 Christmasgift Durandal Replica S273Icon 1191

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