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Command Cards
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Command Cards determine the attacks your Servants perform during battle. There are three different card types: Quick, Arts, and Buster. Every player turn, you receive 5 random cards from your frontline's Command Card deck to choose for that turn. Noble Phantasms are extra cards that do not come from the deck and are available for use in addition to the 5 random cards as long as the Servant has a NP Gauge of 100% or higher.

Each servant possesses 5 Command Cards, and you will be sequentially distributed 5 cards from each servant's respective deck for three turns, so long as you have servants in the frontline; in other words, if you have 3 Servants in the frontline, you will see all 15 individual Command Cards over the course of 3 turns (meaning from Turns 1-3 you will have seen all Command Cards), after which the deck "resets" and is then redistributed to begin another cycle. In a sense this allows the player to keep track of the cards previously dealt in order to predict which cards will be drawn in the following turns before the deck resets.

Whenever a Servant you control is defeated, the Command Card deck is shuffled. The deck can also be manually shuffled by using Command Shuffle or Royal Card.


Quick, Arts, and Buster Chains occur when 3 of the same card type are selected. A Brave Chain occurs when all 3 cards chosen belong to the same Servant.

  • Quick Chain - Gains 10 critical stars.
  • Arts Chain - Each Servant participating in the chain charges 20% NP gauge.
  • Buster Chain - Each card has 20% of a servants attack added as damage. Does not affect the extra attack from a chain or Noble Phantasms.
  • Brave Chain - Perform an additional attack for 200% damage, or 350% if the Brave Chain is also a Quick, Arts, or Buster Chain.

First Card Bonus

The first Command Card chosen gives all other normal attacks a bonus. Noble Phantasms do not get this bonus.

  • Quick.png Quick - 20% increase in critical star generation rate.
  • Arts.png Arts - 100% increase in NP generation rate.
  • Buster.png Buster - 50% increase in damage.

Card Order Stats

These values only apply to normal Command Cards. Noble Phantasms deal the same base damage, NP rate, and star generation rate regardless of when in a chain it is performed.

Card Type Quick Arts Buster
Order 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3
Powerup.png Base Damage 80% 96% 112% 100% 120% 140% 150% 180% 210%
Npchargeup.png NP Rate 100% 150% 200% 300% 450% 600% - - -
Stargainup.png Star Rate 80% 130% 180% - - - 10% 15% 20%

Servant Command Cards