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Command Card Strengthening (コマンドカードを強化?), also known as Command Card Upgrade, is a new feature introduced during F/GO Fes. 2019 ~4th Anniversary~. This feature gives the opportunity to all Servants in game to enhance the base attack of their Command Cards. The UI is similar to Command Code Engraving, where after you have selected a Servant, you will need to select which Command Card to strengthen.
As of the update of this new feature, the Weekly Login Bonus will now include

Beast's Footprint1 at every 7th Day of the login streak.

Steps to Do Command Card Strengthening:

  1. Select a Servant to be upgraded.
  2. Select the Command Card to be upgraded.
  3. QPicon.png and Beast's Footprint are consumed, and the Command Card will be upgraded. (There will be a slider to adjust the amount of times to upgrade.)

Other Things to Look Out For:

  • Maximum attack that can be upgraded on a single Command Card is 500.
  • Every upgrade adds 20 ATK to the Command Card.
  • All copies of the same Servant (with same Servant ID) will have their Command Card upgraded, similar to how Bond Points are the same across all copies of the same Servant (with same Servant ID).
  • Temporary/Probational Servants cannot be upgraded until they are unlocked permanently.
  • You cannot revert the upgrades made.
  • Similar to Command Codes, there will be an icon added to the right side of the Command Card, and that icon will change depending on the number of upgrades done.
Upgrade Count QPicon.png Cost Beast's Footprint Cost ATK Added
1-5 500,000 each 1 each +20 - +100
6-10 1,000,000 each 1 each +120 - +200
11-15 2,000,000 each 1 each +220 - +300
16-20 3,000,000 each 1 each +320 - +400
21-25 4,000,000 each 1 each +420 - +500
25 52,500,000 25 +500
125 262,500,000 125 +500 (For 5x Command Card)
Flowchart for Command Card Strengthening.png