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Chibi Nobu (CC)

Japanese Name: ちびノブ
ID: 72 Illustrator:
Engraved card Critical Damage +5%. Gain 1 Critical Star when attacking using the engraved card.
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 Everyone's Da Vinci-chan Demon King Gun 


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Fan Translation: It's an embodiment of a certain Heroic Spirit's subconsciousness, born from the Holy Grail going rampant―――?

That's the general opinion, however, the truth is that its appearance transformation has no rules, perhaps due to its spirit trying through new forms every year, such as turning giant or becoming a robot. For some reasons, there are times of the year when its voice also changes. The details of the actual situation is unclear.

In contrary to its appearance, its fighting power is high, and its actions are quite unforgiving. But, I do not think that it isn't cute.

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