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Charm of Love was added in the Heian-kyō Lostbelt Release.


Normal Effect
Starts battle with 40% NP gauge.
Overcharges NP by 2 stages for 1 time.
Increases debuff success rate by 10%.
Max Limit Break Effect
Starts battle with 50% NP gauge.
Overcharges NP by 2 stages for 1 time.
Increases debuff success rate by 15%.


Description Translation🛈




 私のセイバー! 私の、私だけの王子様!」


Fan Translation: The girl was fed up.
Because the talent held within herself was too omnipotent.
The girl had resigned herself.
Because she knew that there was nothing that she aimed for in this modern time.

But the girl had known.
That she was in "love".

The blue silver ――― who carried the Holy Sword of the stars, who has shining golden hair, eyes as pretty as jewels.

"I want to see you soon, I want to see you soon, I want to see you soon!
My Saber! My, and only mine, prince!"

That was the girl's innocent love's charm,
That was the curse that destroys the world as a whole.

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