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Bladed-Wing Insect

Japanese Name: 翅刃虫; 魔蝗虫
AKA: Demon Locust
Class(es): Class-Rider-Bronze.png Attribute: Earth
Rank: Bronze Gender: None
Charges: ?? Actions: 2
Instapowerup.png Death Rate: 80%
Critchnup.png Crit Chance: 15%
Hitcountup.png Hits: ??
Areas: Fate/Accel Zero Order Event, Main Quest: Agartha, Main Quest: Yuga Kshetra
Drops: Phoenix Plume

Bladed-Wing Insect are enemies from the Fate/Accel Zero Order Event. In Fate/Zero, Matou Kariya uses these insects to attack Tohsaka Tokiomi but failed to do so as it was burnt by Tokiomi.



  • Critchnup.png Increases own critical attack chance by 10% for 3 turns.
  • Surehit.png Ignores Evasion for 1 attack, 3 turns.


Magic Eater

  • Powerup.png 300% damage to a single enemy.
  • Removes their buffs.
  • HealEffect.png Recovers own HP by 1000.

Recommended Servants

Class Servants with Special Damage
Class-All-Bronze.png Low Rarity S257Icon.pngpx
Attributes Servants with Special Damage
Earth Icon Servant 196.pngpx
Guide px Active Skills, px Noble Phantasm, Dragontrait.png Add Trait
For other effects see status effects.

Enemy Variation

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Bladed-Wing SwarmIcon.png
Bladed-Wing Swarm