• One try costs 2xAUO Ticket. 10 tries cost 20xAUO Ticket.
  • The Return Match Craft Essence is the Grand Prize for the first 5 lotteries. There will be no Grand Prize, Golden Apple and Silver Apple after the 10th lottery.
  • To reset the lottery, you need to obtain the grand prize first. After the 10th lottery, resets can only happen after obtaining all the prizes.
Lottery No. Grand Prize
1 ~ 5 CEIcon0899
6 Crystallized lore
7, 9 AllHpUpIcon4
8, 10 AllAtkUpIcon4

Lottery Prizes

AUO Ticket

Grand Total = 600 per lottery

Secretsaber x1 Secretarcher x1 Secretlancer x1 Secretrider x1 Secretcaster x1 Secretassassin x1 Secretberserker x1
Magicsaber x2 Magicarcher x2 Magiclancer x2 Magicrider x2 Magiccaster x2 Magicassassin x2 Magicberserker x2
Shiningsaber x2 Shiningarcher x2 Shininglancer x2 Shiningrider x2 Shiningcaster x2 Shiningassassin x2 Shiningberserker x2
Golden fruit x1 Thumbnail-Silver Apple x2 Thumbnail-Bronze Apple x3 Mana prism5x1 Mana prism2x5 Mana prism1x30 Snake jewel x2
Homunculus baby x2 Heros proof x3 Voids refuse x3 AllExp4 x25 AllExp3 x15 Friendpoint2,000x3 Friendpoint100x51
QPicon500,000x1 QPicon100,000x10 QPicon50,000x30 QPicon30,000x35 QPicon10,000x42
Goldbars x4
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