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Heian-kyō Avalon le Fae Tunguska Epilogue

ロストベルト No. 6 妖精円卓領域 アヴァロン・ル・フェ 星の生まれる刻
Lostbelt No.6: Fae Round Table Domain, Avalon le Fae - The Moment a Planet is Born
Set in A.D. 500?


Crypter: Beryl Gut
Lostbelt King: Morgan Limited.png

Unlock Requirements: Clear Heian-kyō.
Release Date (JP): Part 1; June 11, 2021/Part 2; July 14, 2021/Part 3; August 4, 2021

Main Story Clear Reward :

Reward Servants
S315A1Icon.png Habetrot
Unlocks Servant in the Friend Point summoning gacha.
S315A1Icon.png Habetrot Locked.png Fpce.png
Unlocks Servants in the story summoning gacha.
S310A1Icon.png Barghest Locked.png
S311A1Icon.png Baobhan Sith Locked.png
Reward Craft Essences
CEIcon1463.png Gloucester in 2018
Unlocks CE in the story summoning gacha.
CEIcon1463.png Gloucester in 2018 Locked.png
Lostbelt6 divider.png
Lostbelt6 divider.png
History of Faerie Land
Investigation Memo (Lostbelt Chronology)
Year Notable Events
Fae Calendar
F.C. 12000 The world is in the Sea of Nothingness.
There is a very very small isle in the Sea of Nothingness.
This marks the start of the Lostbelt of Britain.
F.C. 11000
F.C. 6000
F.C. 5000
F.C. 4000 The legend of Tonelico the Savior:
The war between races left Britain on the verge of total extinction until one faerie,
Tonelico the Savior, saved and lost their life.
F.C. 2000 The Summer War:
A war between Queen Mab's northern fairies against the southern fairies.
After Tonelico the Savior's mediation ended the war, the current "six tribes" system was established.
F.C. 0400 Mashu Kyrielight time-traveled to the era before the Reflecting Water
Mashu Kyrielight met Tonelico the Savior.
F.C. 0001
Queen Calendar
First Year of the Queen Calendar First year of the Queen Calendar. Morgan became queen and established the current system.
Q.C. 0400
Q.C. 0800 The fang tribe obstinately massacred the wing tribe.
The wing tribe goes extinct except for Muryan.
Q.C. 1000 Mors Military Campaign
One of the Great Calamities. A war ensued between the "King" of Mors and the Queen's Army. Woodwose managed to subjugate the King. But, the King has cursed the Fang Tribe before its death, and that's how the Black Dogs came to existence.
Q.C. 1600 Birth of a very strong Fae in the Fang Clan, which is later known as Faerie Knight Gawain
Q.C. 1800 Caterpillar War
Donning the name Faerie Knight Gawain, she had vanquished the Lord of Cornwall, Foul Weather.
Q.C. 1900
Q.C. 2001 Ainsel, the chief of the mirror tribe, left a prophecy.
"Britain's savior was born.
The true king will appear to take down the false king."
Q.C. 2010
Q.C. 2017 Chaldea arrived in faerieland Britain
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