Normal Effect
Increases Quick performance by 10%.
Reduces defense by 10%. [Demerit]
Max Limit Break Effect
Increases Quick performance by 15%.
Reduces defense by 10%. [Demerit]


Description Translation🛈


NA Localization: When the Child of Light, Cú Chulainn, became aware of his imminent death, he tied himself to a pillar and would not allow himself to fall to the ground.

To Celtic soldiers, this formation is the proof of their oath to be invincible and determined, that they shall never retreat as long as they are alive.

Fan Translation: Upon realizing his imminent death, the Child of Light, Cú Chulainn, tied himself to a pillar. Not as a form of defeat, but to proudly welcome his end on his feet. To the Celtic soldiers, this formation was proof of their oath to be determined and indomitable, as fleeing was absolutely unforgivable.

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  • This Craft Essence features the rune technique that is used by Cú Chulainn in his Skill animation.
    • There are a total of 4 circles with big runes within, ᛝ ᚾ ᛉ ᚨ. These runes are Ingwaz, translating into "Freyr"(or "Yngvi"), the goddess; Nauðr, meaning Need or Distress; Algiz, meaning Elk (Moose) and Ansuz, meaning God (Æsir).
      • Each of these Circles includes this rune pattern: ᛁ ᛟ ᛈ ᚷ ᛇ ᛝ ᛋ ᚲ ᚢ ᛁ ᚱ ᛇ ᛖ ᛝ ᚷ ᛃ ᛇ ᚠ ᚲ ᚷ ᛋ ᛝ ᛏ ᛒ ᛗ ᚺ ᛃ ᚢ ᚹ.
        These runes are Isa, meaning Ice; Ēðel, meaning heritage, or inheritance; Peorð, meaning "Fruit Tree" in a sense of "Recreation and Amusement"; Gyfu, meaning Gift or Spear; Eihwaz, meaning Yew; Ingwaz, translating into "Freyr"(or "Yngvi"), the goddess; Sol, meaning Sun; Kaunan, meaning Torch; Ūruz, meaning Power; again Isa; Reið, meaning Journey; again Eihwaz; Ehwaz, meaning Horse; again Ingwaz; again Gyfu; Jēran, meaning Harvest; again Eihwaz; , meaning Wealth; again Kaunan; again Gyfu; again Sol; again Ingwaz; Tiwaz, translating into "Týr", the god; Berkanan, meaning Birch; Mannaz, meaning Man, or Human; Haglaz meaning Hail; again Jēran; again Ūruz; and Wynn, meaning Joy.
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